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  1. Jedi_wannabe got the tunes one right, as for the others:
  2. Just finished the mission, and I have to say it's pretty good! I liked the location and all the little piece-meal objectives you put in. Everything was scaled well and there was enough visual detail to keep the eye satisfied. The voice acting sold the setting and there were a few chuckles in there as well. Good job!
  3. It happened again -.- this time I tried to figure out which file was corrupted by removing them one at a time, and once I removed the file called "filters" DR booted back up as normal, and I didn't have to delete my user preferences and redo them! Yay! That was a real pain in the ass last time.
  4. Bienie

    StartPack 4???

    I can't speak for everyone, but personally I've never had much use of the startpack map. When starting a new project I always use the startpack, but not the map file itself just all the handy dandy things that come with it like in-game maps, briefing files, the store etc. The AI rooms in particular seem pretty worthless to me, I think I did use the water room once or twice though.
  5. Glad you enjoyed it! It seems some of the more complex interactions in the mission are bugging out for several people... I'll have to be more careful in designing them in future. It's very strange though I must have tested that thing 20 or 30 times and it never malfunctioned for me. I do agree that the fence objective is a bit obscure. It was a bit of an rushed job that I added at the last minute. I just kind of liked having to take out the note and twist in to slip it in through the window, but I definitely should have made the drop location more clear somehow. That office is kind of a facade, so I would have to have fleshed it out a lot more if I were to let the player explore it. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Ok, they're uploaded. Sorry I've never actually used the bugtracker so I don't know where to find it or how it works. I'm guessing you can put it up for me though, with the files. No idea why it started happening, and there was no unusual behavior prior to it happening, that I know of. I'm running Win 10 and DR 2.4.0 x64.
  7. Thanks for this update! I'm ready to start experimenting with this for my mission, so that's great timing!
  8. Glad to see the forums and wiki back up and running! Good work Taaaki, sounds like it's been quite a headache.
  9. Sorry for reviving a dead topic, but I started having this same problem just now, also just out of the blue (worked fine day before yesterday). Removing said XML files as Dragofer mentioned fixed it. I saved the corrupted files elsewhere before deleting however, would it still be interesting to inspect them greebo? If so I can upload to dropbox for you.
  10. Sorry, I somehow missed your last two points. Glad you got a kick out of Gerald's predicament, I thought that was a perfect thing to have in a "thieves' highway" type scenario! ^^
  11. Glad you enjoyed it! I'm impressed that you have gotten 4 hours of gameplay out of it! As for your problems:
  12. Thanks guys! Now I've learned a bit about the particle editor! Got it working just the way I wanted it after tweaking the color on each stage separately a bit. Would be handy to have an actual color slider in there though, as it comes down to a bit of trial and error as it is now, unless you are fluent in decimal RGB haha
  13. That worked to change the color of the light, but the flame itself is still yellow-ish which makes it look goofy. The flame itself needs to change color. I feel like that isn't as easy as changing a spawnarg, but I may be mistaken.
  14. What would be the easiest way to modify the candle flame particle to make it a different color instead of the natural orangey-yellow? I was hoping to have some spooky, supernatural lights in my mission. Is there an easy way to do this? Ex. change a few lines in a definition or similar?
  15. Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the location of Brooksdale! I will say that as far as building a mission like this is concerned it's not so much complicated as it is time consuming. With a fair handle on Dark Radiabt and a bit of ingenuity to keep the story flowing, most people could build a mission of similar caliber, in my (admittedly humble) opinion ^^
  16. Glad you are enjoying the mission! The FAQ section at the top will help you figure out which secrets you are missing, if you want to. There are both gentle nudges and more direct instructions to choose from. As far as your questions:
  17. Oh, ok I will try to delete all files except the tdm_update_tdmsync and tdm_mirrors and reinstall then, cause I just took my 2.07 and made a copy and updated. Maybe with a fresh install, and no x64 shenanigans the game will boot. edit: Yup! That worked! Thanks stgatilov!
  18. It's quite possible that I ran the x64 executable when it displayed 2.06. I tried again and now it's says 2.07... I actually switched back to the original executable for 2.05 and I'm getting the same problem with "error during initialization" that I posted a screenshot of. That probably means that this problem is not related to the VR mod, but rather TDM 2.05. Any idea why the x64 executable works but not the x86? It works without a problem in my regular 2.07 install...
  19. Here is my tdm_update.log It displays 2.06 in the main menu of the game, but only there. When I try opening it with VR mod installed and the game gives me the initialization error it's called 2.05: This is how my tdm_mirrors looks # This file lists mirror sites for The Dark Mod, which are used by the # tdm_update utility to update your TDM installation. [Mirror azure] url = http://tdmcdn.azureedge.net/release205 weight = 1
  20. Oh, yes that looks a lot more familiar haha. So it's telling me "Error during initialization", the same way it did to me last time. I thought I had messed something up in the folder or something so I deleted it and tried reinstalling. That doesn't seem to be the problem though, any ideas?
  21. I got the downgrade to work, I think... Had to turn AVG off cause it was having a hissy fit. In game it says 2.06 though, even though I added the correct 2.05 mirror. Should I be concerned? Secondly compiling the VR mod files gave me 123 warnings and one error about building MFC application... Not sure if this is related to the error I got while installing Direct X SDK (it was called S1023). Sounded like you have to install that first, before Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition, or some bs. Sigh. I really have no experience with these things. Can't even remember how I got it working last time since I have no memory of going through the motions of compiling it. Would be really nice if the pre-built files were uploaded somewhere, so us non-programmers could just "plug-and-play" while testing.
  22. Thank you! Instant classic, that is high praise indeed! I'm sure you will find some amusement from the challenges as well.
  23. Ok, it seems that it has gotten glitched somehow, and it's now in your save. I just loaded the mission up but couldn't break it.
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