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  1. Why not give an official torrent for a release? Post it everywhere from the PirateBay, vodo.net, legittorrents, and, of course, here. This will also help people download the game even if the servers go kaput again. The updater isn't very efficient, it does not resume partially downloaded files and mine on Linux keeps getting stuck on tdm_models.pk4. The speed and progress just freeze. I've already tried different mirrors. (now if it was using libtorrent to download the files, that would be amazing )
  2. Beautiful. It's nice to see so much attention to detail and consistency. The loot pickup animation/effect needs to be stock.
  3. You can always subdivide. It seems tall cathedral windows don't normally have big, unsegmented panes up top. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5f/Dunblane_Cathedral_2017.jpg/1200px-Dunblane_Cathedral_2017.jpg
  4. Thomas Porter 5: Phrase Book http://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?id=61
  5. An actual album release with cover art and track titles would be nice, would also help to promote the game since you could point people to an official YT playlist or something like that.
  6. Thought we'd have a thread where everyone can chime in on this release since there doesn't seem to be an official thread. Wow, guys. The performance is phenomenal. Was how occlusion culling works changed? I seem to be able to noclip all over the place without the FPS dipping much. As for the shadow maps, I notice that they can end up very different in some spots: Stencil: https://my.mixtape.moe/efdfbb.jpg Maps: https://my.mixtape.moe/paqqmb.jpg Stencil: https://my.mixtape.moe/pmznnc.jpg Maps: https://my.mixtape.moe/wiyrij.jpg Is the idea that maps will replace stencils? With shadow maps, will larger more open spaces in missions be more feasible now? How is anti-aliasing done now? Still rendering at higher resolution and scaling down? Anyway, well done. The game feels so much more smooth now and this release seems very impressive.
  7. https://my.mixtape.moe/eqzioj.m4v I think the one on the right is winning.
  8. Thank you very much for actually writing a comprehension hint guide.
  9. Splinter Cell Conviction handled this very smoothly by making the saturation your light gem.
  10. So I realise that Doom 3's console cannot understand math operations. This is a massive bummer, cause I cannot do this: bind = set r_gamma (r_gamma + 0.05) ...in order to implement Thief's ability to change gamma on the fly. I suppose ZDoom's console has spoiled me. If implementing basic arithmetic is going to be a tall order, could we at least get inc and dec commands? They would simply inc/dec a cvar by a given parameter. Eg: bind = inc r_gamma 0.05
  11. Excellent detail, as usual. I appreciated all the stories the player could piece together; but I couldn't help but feel the map was screaming for more side quests. Perhaps that's just my preconceived notions of what to expect from large missions. Now that you've let loose the next mission is a bank job, I must ask you to hurry the hell up, it's my favourite type
  12. I've been experiecing slowdowns in some maps, this was not present in 2.05. There's only two maps I can explain the behaviour clearly from memory: In Penny Dreadful 3, the fps would tank to single digits when running through the streets, I can't recall it ever happening inside a building. It would return to normal in a few seconds. In William Steele 1, it will always tank after about 10-15 minutes, regardless of my movement or location (I've left the game running from a quick-load without touching anything). It will NOT return to normal, and I have to quit the game, quick-loading doesn't restore it. Please let me know if you want me to run any experiments.
  13. 2.06, 32bit, Windows 10. https://i.imgur.com/uvpsf1U.jpg Can't frob this guard's key, before or after knocking her out or trying with notarget. Am I doomed? There a give command to give the key to me?
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