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  1. Still need an answer to this problem. Is there a way to take reflections halfway between water_reflection2 and water_reflection3?
  2. Congratulations on the release Jack. Downloading now n will go play it in a few Thanks.
  3. You should ask for access to the beta testing forum Jack.
  4. [Still looking for help on the shader part of this question] Thanks Dragofer. That was the problem. I must've been inside the brush lol. Fixed the other problems too except for the reflections. I noticed I can get nice reflections with the reflection3 material which reflects the surroundings, the lights and the light on the buildings, however it kills the fps. I was looking at the shader definition trying to see what was making the difference between the reflection2 and 3. I was wondering what is it in reflecton3 that is causing it to reflect the light shone on buildings, but not in reflection2? Is there some way I can tweak water_reflection3 to show some of the light on buildings, but not as much as in reflection3? This is reflection2: textures/water_source/water_reflective2 { qer_editorimage textures/glass/glass1 translucent noshadows nonsolid description "use on a patch below water surface to create strong reflections" { blend blend mirrorRenderMap 512 256 translate 0.5, 0.5 scale 0.5, 0.5 program fresnel.vfp vertexParm 0 .5 fragmentMap 0 _scratch alpha 0.6 } } and this is reflection3 textures/water_source/water_reflective_3 { qer_editorimage textures/glass/glass1 nonsolid discrete water description "use on a patch below water surface to create bright reflections" { blend blend mirrorRenderMap 512 512 translate 0.5, 0.5 scale 0.5, 0.5 } }
  5. Thanks Dragofer. Looking at that map, the bottom layer of the two patches is an atdm_puddle. If I load the grassdemo map into the editor, I can easily find it, but when I load my map, it's not there. Obviously there's data in the grassdemo folders that I need, but I don't know which? What I find odd, and this is probably because of my lack of knowledge, is that the water entity seems to just be a patch rather than a nodraw brush; I have all filters off so nothing is hidden, but still there's nothing under these two patches. I'll make a video of the problems as soon as I can get the audio to record the mic properly. Having heaps of problems with it of late. Really don't like this forum, press enter and I get double spacing. grrr You're probably right about the triangles. I'll look into it. Thanks Neon
  6. It does. Is it a dungeon? Basement? As I said the other day I think it could use some debris/furniture to break up the floor. Looks great though.
  7. Hey, I'm working on my level. Bikerdude tweaked the water on my level awhile back to get underwater fog and reflections working. What I don't get is why he used two water_reflective patches on the surface, one just above the other? Could someone explain that? Also, It doesn't seem there's a water block there either, but in game there is. I just don't get how he's done it. I want to change the water colour to thick_green_murk. I tried tweaking the entity list for it but it didn't work. I'd like to have the water look the way I envisioned it rather than the way Bikerdude wanted it. In another part of the level I have the water as it was originally where a brush was textured on the top surface with thick_murky_green water and all sides and bottom were set to nodraw. The odd thing about this is in some cases when swimming, you fall out of the water to the bottom. lol Not sure why, and I think this is the wrong way to do water, and have it reflect it's surroundings. [Why is this double spacing now???] Thx Neon
  8. Would that be the same Jack Farmer from Live for Speed a few years ago, friend of Reflex (Les)? I was Venus then.
  9. Thank you Taaki. I use Opera Goldwell, with Dark Theme, but it's not working well after the last update.
  10. Really don't like it, as I prefer dark themes, as white tends to hurt my eyes. Any chance of an option to choose a dark theme?
  11. Hey, My power supply shat itself, and took out the boot sector of my C drive forcing me to rebuild windows, and in the process I lost a bunch of files. I managed to back up WIP of a couple maps I was working on, but lost about 2 months worth of work. So I installed DR 2.6. Now one of these maps has about 36 maps in the series of WIP. I can open up to 28 of them. From 29 to 36 (the later ones) the editor says it doesn't recognise the map format which is really weird. So 9 maps won't open. So that's about 2 months worth of work lost unless I can find a way to open them. Anyone know why this is happening? I could spit you a file if you think you can help. [Edit] I discovered what has happened. map files 29 to 37 are corrupted and full of NULL text.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1-Jmq7BLFE
  13. Once you get to the Orion nebula, the ASMR experience begins.
  14. As for the sewer problem, an easy fix is just either leave a hanging climbable rope, or give the player a rope arrow, or an easier way is widen the area the player can mantle onto. That seems to be the cause of the problem. The lip is too narrow. I really like the look of the sewer, so rather than redesign it, I think you should just find a way to bypass the problem. As for Randall. Turns out it's not a problem. I didn't notice the lever to open the painting, but I could pick the safe through the painting which caused the problem.
  15. Yeh it is going paid on steam and I'm glad cause he deserves it. He said it'll be released when it's released. lol
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