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  1. Zorin seems OK. The big problem I have had with Linux on laptops is there is always, ALWAYS, some incompatible hardware that requires some custom config of files somewhere, and it's hard to google answers to specifically your own exact issue. Linux is not nearly as plug and play as Windows is, since Microsoft is the juggernaut that can spend billions on development and driving the market where Linux cannot, this makes sense. With Linux you always have to do some config coding. So I use Linux as a hobbyist OS on some devices with the expectation that it'll just die or fail to work one day, but I like Windows and how it feels and looks and how well it customizes, and how stable it is. I know there are privacy issues, but that's just the day and digital age we live in. Cameras are everywhere, Facebook and Google track your every page view, your purchase histories get sold every time you buy something from any store, financial companies leak or get hacked exposing all your data, and governments store everything personal about you in databases everywhere. It's a bit harsh to singly blame Microsoft for collecting your data when other companies do way more damage to your privacy, and purposely.
  2. me me me me !! Can I beta test? I am craving new missions.
  3. I remember The Rats Triumphant has high up ledge and roof scaling with a bunch of ghouls patrolling below. Not sure I remember if there were rope arrows, but there are quite a few wooden beams around, so maybe.
  4. oops yes dark reader I meant. lol!
  5. I love that darkloader Chrome extension. I'll not read my daily news the same way ever again! And the dark/light switch for the forum works great too. This new forum seems super fast and has more options tho I can't really be specific about what I mean. I just "feel" it or something...
  6. The Assassin's Creed film was pretty much regarded as not good, yet it still made some decent money and with 2 sequels planned, Thief does have a chance.
  7. Yes this is great. So many other sites aren't updated and I just want a single site to reference for new (and old) mods. Good deal.
  8. This actually worked. Thank you! Man that really makes you think how to navigate around!
  9. Sweet mission! I'm still going thru it but came up with 2 issues that I can't get around... Otherwise super fun mission so far!
  10. Yay! Gonna dive into this immediately!! Thanks grayman!
  11. Ooooooooooooooh a new mod! I'm gonna have to skip going to the gym to play this!!
  12. Garrett never truly can retire. No social security in those times. Also does anyone know where Garrett got paid for all the loot he stole? And paid in what? Gold? I don't think we ever know how wealthy or poor he was, tho we know he had small "apartments" that indebted him forever to a landlord. But thievery is his trade, and always will be til the end. So I suspect while he couldn't eventually climb walls anymore and steal massive paintings from mansions, he likely still pilfered loot from passerby guards and from behind taverns when the barkeep wasn't looking, just to be able to eat and pay rent. But how did he die? That is the legend of Garrett that no one knows to this day. Maybe he never did die, being privy to a number of supernatural elements in his time that could maybe extend his life or immortalize him as was done to the living skeletons and ghouls. Maybe Garrett haunts an old abandoned megachurch that sits upon a gold mine. Someone should write a new mission exploring this concept!
  13. I have 3 big reasons why Linux can't work for me. Compatibility, Games, and Common Usage. Compatibility: Linux is beautiful, colorful, or dark, depending what you want. Customization is its strength. Linux is a fiddlers dream, but most dev houses just don't make games for it because the installed $ base isn't there. Yes you can run WINE or something to get it to work, but that's a task for hobbyists. Many people just don't want to jump through hoops to get the compatibility. Games: Most big games don't natively have Linux ports. I mean big dogs like GTA5 or Saints Row or Assassins Creed makes billions as an industry, but not on native Linux. Common Usage: it does fine browsing the web and listening to audio is great, but in the corporate world the headaches begin. If I could possibly invest in all the time to get it to talk to Active Directory environments with all the right tools, my users would never embrace it. They just want things to work all the time in a common environment that everyone in the world understands, and don't care how I make it work, as long as it does. This is the strength of Windows. Everyone knows it. Even devices that run non Windows such as IOS are so easy to use and configure that it negates the point because they don't bog the user down with configuration options in obscure places. Final Note: I know some can offend by things I said above, but I'd never tell anyone not to run Linux. I think it's just fine for many and can run great if you put the time into ironing out little kinks here and there. In my own experience I have installed about 5-6 different Linux distros in the past 20 years and just never could get it as stable as any Windows installation I have. Maybe just my luck...
  14. How about a throwable sticky mine that blows up or a sticky gas mine that knocks out. They can be thrown at walls and you press the detonator as guards walk near it, shredding them or knocking them unconscious. Or set up motion detection laser traps between doorways or walkways. This wouldn't really be too easy as you sort of have to case the area before the guards come strolling by.
  15. Another alternative to Thief are the Styx games, Grand in scope and possible to completely play stealth with no kills, they are phenomenal and I've played them multiple times already, if not for the sheer landscape level design. Unfortunately there won't be any more made as they didn't really do well. But that shouldn't subtract from how fun they are.
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