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  1. 10 years is great! Does TDM still have the members and enthusiasm it once had? I mean with one member recently banned and mods by devs that I never see post on here anymore, aka Airship Ballet, or Komag, or Fieldmedic, or RailGun, or HappyCheeze. Is the TDM community growing or diminishing?
  2. I know someone who plays all the TDM mods like a rabid religion and would love ❤ to be a female VA. What does she need to do, simply?
  3. Is there any way to grab assets from Assassin's Creed Origins, which is set in Cleopatra's Egypt? Or at least get inspiration from pieces in that game? Maybe close enough to the setting being asked about here.
  4. I'd be happy to offer live fixed-IP 24 hour mirror space on my server for mission hosting if needed, which has Crashplan cloud backup already running.
  5. TDM has tremendous replay value, more so than just about anything else. I find that I've played all the mods numerous times over and then forget which mods have which locales and stories until I play them yet again!
  6. +1 for QUBE 2. Played and liked it. It's a very Portal-ish kinda genre.
  7. Maybe build in a mirror server option to the game?
  8. Just replayed it. Great expansive mission as always. Volta is surely vying for most ludicrously overindulged mega-mansion in TDM. Only thing missing is the giant flat screen HDTV in his quarters.
  9. A strong link between video games and excessive violence has been debunked many times over, but politicians feel the need to blame something, anything as long as it doesn't include sacred topics like guns, religion, and hate. It's gotta be the video games. Even porn. Why ever not.
  10. I'm surprised no one has gotten back to you on this. I can't help you with a build Linux, but in Windows there is a FMS folder in your TDM folder. This is where all the missions are. If you have nothing in there then that's why no missions are appearing. The training mission should be in FMS in a folder called training_mission with a file called training_mission.pk4. If you are having issues with downloading missions, a dev should perhaps offer a way to figure out if you can reach certain servers, etc. That's not something I'm up on. To be honest you really don't need to play a training mission. If you are a fan of the Thief games, TDM plays so amazingly close to that style that it's almost like dusting off Thief Gold again.
  11. I get it, this guy is shown as trying to help out computer users by giving away already free restoration software, saving the planet, etc. It's commendable and easy to feel good about his liberal cause. That's how the mini-movie is portrayed... However... Eric was giving away what wasn't his to begin with. It shouldn't matter if it's free. Because a company and it's partners give it away for free doesn't equate to everyone being able to give it away for free, because it isn't anyone else's to give away. That's like saying OK, a car manufacturer designs cars so anyone can drive them, but once you own yours, only you can decide who to let drive it, not someone else. Another thought. Microsoft and Dell may not know what kind of operation he was running if he was using their logos and fonts without partnering up. Could he in any way slip in any malware? Could he control that process within his own companies? Does he personally inspect every disk that is released and certify it? Can he control rogue operators in his own company not to cause damage to computers? Certainly Microsoft and Dell can't unless they were a partner with his company. It's just too much variance in the ecosystem that they control not to go after Eric and keep people from releasing whatever they want that's been copyrighted. He is right that the one thing that would have avoided his crime is not using Microsoft or Dell logos and fonts. Plenty of people do that. That shows independence from the ecosystem which is fine. Anyone can do that. But he passed around his disks as seeming to be part of the offerings of the companies and that's a no-no. It's a shame that no one at Microsoft would meet with him. That is the one thing that roiled me up a bit and I wish the movie spent more time showing that pompousness. Eric is a very wealthy entrepreneur but he admits he crossed the line. Don't feel bad for him. He drives a Tesla and has a huge house and a big pool and his profitable recycling companies still ran while he was in prison. He was no stumblebum that Microsoft went after just to prove their might.
  12. Why is everyone beating up Microsoft so much around here? I see nothing but nasty privacy news from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, and many others. Just today... https://gizmodo.com/stop-what-youre-doing-and-upgrade-to-ios-13-1-right-now-1838405217 Microsoft makes quality solid products for millions of people, consumer and corporate. Yes, there are hiccups. Security is hard, because there's a lot of bad guys, hence why it's lucrative. Isn't there a car repair shop every few blocks? Shouldn't cars get a bad rap then? OK off my soapbox. I have to defend Microsoft when no one else will.
  13. Disabling Windows firewall is often necessary as it can be too intrusive. However you must have some perimeter firewall to take over the role. Never have your machine's IP ports on the wide open Internet. Many open ports are definitely dangerous and need to be blocked by your router or some other software firewall.
  14. All AV/AS products will suck up as much RAM is is needed to perform whatever options are selected. Just for basic file scanning none should be all that intrusive, but if you have email protection on, then it's scanning your mail inbox, and that can increase your memory load a lot. Some have many other features, aka cloud scanning, firewalls, that all use up more cycles. I find some products work more efficiently and silently, such as Vipre and ESET, and others appear to steal too many CPU cycles for my liking, aka Norton and Bitdefender. The built in Windows security is actually quite good protection for the price (free), and customizable, though sometimes like any of the other active scanning products I mentioned, can go rogue and take up 100% CPU. Usually this is some conflict with another process that can get resolved with some troubleshooting. Not much comfort I know, but these programs protect us from the evil Internet, and I for one am grateful for what they do. BTW, Malwarebytes is excellent as the free version and is a must install. It doesn't active scan (unless you subscribe to it) but it as a manual scanner it is nearly full-featured and compliments the built in Windows Security quite well.
  15. Definitely a class release. I'm excited to have seen its various stages to the fun play through it has been.
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