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  1. Disabling Windows firewall is often necessary as it can be too intrusive. However you must have some perimeter firewall to take over the role. Never have your machine's IP ports on the wide open Internet. Many open ports are definitely dangerous and need to be blocked by your router or some other software firewall.
  2. All AV/AS products will suck up as much RAM is is needed to perform whatever options are selected. Just for basic file scanning none should be all that intrusive, but if you have email protection on, then it's scanning your mail inbox, and that can increase your memory load a lot. Some have many other features, aka cloud scanning, firewalls, that all use up more cycles. I find some products work more efficiently and silently, such as Vipre and ESET, and others appear to steal too many CPU cycles for my liking, aka Norton and Bitdefender. The built in Windows security is actually quite good protection for the price (free), and customizable, though sometimes like any of the other active scanning products I mentioned, can go rogue and take up 100% CPU. Usually this is some conflict with another process that can get resolved with some troubleshooting. Not much comfort I know, but these programs protect us from the evil Internet, and I for one am grateful for what they do. BTW, Malwarebytes is excellent as the free version and is a must install. It doesn't active scan (unless you subscribe to it) but it as a manual scanner it is nearly full-featured and compliments the built in Windows Security quite well.
  3. Definitely a class release. I'm excited to have seen its various stages to the fun play through it has been.
  4. I'm trying Lastpass since the one thing they have over all the others is zero cost. It's virtually free for pretty much every feature you could want, including sync between IOS and browser, which is what I want most in a secure vault offering. Their corp did get hacked some years ago, but they seem to get on top of patching vulnerabilities very quickly, and they recommend the highest security such as MFA, which most people probably don't bother enabling.
  5. me me me me me me me me me me me me !!!!!
  6. Plus you still need account level authentication to execute the vulnerability, so passwords, passwords, passwords still the most critical piece of this news.
  7. I'm gonna check out Ghost of a Tale. Thanks chakkman.
  8. OK I kinda disagree with the source of the issue discussed here. I don't think indie games today are bad. Some are really phenomenal, aka Firewatch, Edith Finch, Abzu, Inside, Solus Project, To The Moon, Braid, The Witness, etc. I think it's us that's adapted to the higher and higher quality of games and more and more common game styles, that new releases are simply compared to older releases and deemed not as innovative or as fun, when possibly, had the current new game been released 10 years ago, would have been praised and lauded as "all that". AS an example I tried to go back and play some really great games that were simply amazing in its time; Tomb Raider 2 and 3. I totally loved those games in the early 2000s, but today I find them pretty unfun and unplayable. I have adapted to newer expectations of quality and depth of todays games. Those games seem pixelated now, and picking up all the medpacks seems really tedious now, and the fighting seems kinda lame. You can't go home again, and that's even true for gaming.
  9. Is there any complete list of the sayings, or mp3s/WMVs that the guards use in TDM, such as "All I wanted was a quiet shift, now there's gonna be blood!" Sometimes around here in my house we mimic quotes in a gruff guard voice and laugh and it would be nice to play/remember some of these sayings outside the game.
  10. I'd suspect he lurks around this forum as a guest or a new stealth member, reading up, keeping up, keeping in the shadows. hi Bikerdude wherever and whoever you are!!
  11. That looks pretty darn awesome actually. Since I'll never have a PS3 or any PS-system I'd have to hope they eventually port it to PC.
  12. While I love torrents and check them often, I agree with the long-timers that it's probably not for TDM. Many torrents are old and have leechers but no seeders. This is probably what will happen to torrent offered TDM mods since frankly, while it's popular with us in this community, it's just not popular enough worldwide to have constantly active seeders. There are numerous TDM backup sites that will have mods if you can't download them from the in-game downloader. I agree it's a little choppy and locks up the game if it gets stuck on on mod, but luckily you can still get them manually elsewhere.
  13. Zorin seems OK. The big problem I have had with Linux on laptops is there is always, ALWAYS, some incompatible hardware that requires some custom config of files somewhere, and it's hard to google answers to specifically your own exact issue. Linux is not nearly as plug and play as Windows is, since Microsoft is the juggernaut that can spend billions on development and driving the market where Linux cannot, this makes sense. With Linux you always have to do some config coding. So I use Linux as a hobbyist OS on some devices with the expectation that it'll just die or fail to work one day, but I like Windows and how it feels and looks and how well it customizes, and how stable it is. I know there are privacy issues, but that's just the day and digital age we live in. Cameras are everywhere, Facebook and Google track your every page view, your purchase histories get sold every time you buy something from any store, financial companies leak or get hacked exposing all your data, and governments store everything personal about you in databases everywhere. It's a bit harsh to singly blame Microsoft for collecting your data when other companies do way more damage to your privacy, and purposely.
  14. me me me me !! Can I beta test? I am craving new missions.
  15. I remember The Rats Triumphant has high up ledge and roof scaling with a bunch of ghouls patrolling below. Not sure I remember if there were rope arrows, but there are quite a few wooden beams around, so maybe.
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