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  1. I'm a bit old-school. For the longest time, I've always just encrypted a simple text file with gnupg by hand. I use this for more than just storing passwords so I prefer this way. I keep this file in sync with various devices with syncthing (distributed/p2p file sync protocol). This doesn't "integrate" with anything, but really, this file is only for the most important stuff I want to save/remember. For the browser I use firefox and I just use its features to manage password. I use firefox accounts to keep passwords in sync. I have multiple accounts (I separate general browsing and personal browsing (like banking)) using firefox profiles to switch between. My way is certainly not centralized or necessarily convenient at times, but I like the separation and the, from my point of view, simplicity.
  2. ahh, i see that now in the "Activity" area... hadn't really seen that area. i think a link like this will work for me ok ad others can be customized: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/discover/followed-content/&stream_read=unread&stream_date_type=relative&stream_date_relative_days[val]=365&stream_date_relative_days[unit]=d
  3. Is there any possibility (or configuration on my side) of having notifications have the ability to give the "goto first unread message" or "goto this particular notification/message"? Right now the notification seems to just be a link to the beginning of the thread, which isn't that efficient.
  4. Heh. All is good. I don't get a crash when I enable maps.
  5. Did an update from 2.07 to hotfix and removed glprogs fix. Looks good for lights and the maps crash on linux for me. thanks!
  6. Did you miss some1stoleit's faq spoilers in the first post? They're in there...
  7. No crash with r8003 thanks! I found the info was a bit spread around: http://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/ for the public svn repository link. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Dark_Mod_-_Compilation_Guide for building http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=SVN some info on the structure (but out of date?) There are two "thedarkmod.x64" binaries built... the ~200MB has the debugging symbols and what you want to run if you want to get a readable backtrace after a crash. Copy the exe to your darkmod installation and run it in the gdb debugger: $ gdb -ex run ./thedarkmod.x64When it crashes, you can type "bt" in gdb to generate the backtrace and then submit that. That being said, when darkmod crashed for me the screen was left in the loading screen and I couldn't see my gdb window. I have a dual monitor setup, so I just ran darkmod from the secondary monitor and got the backtrace from there. Not quite sure what I'd do if I didn't have the second monitor.
  8. ChromeOS isn't "Free and Open Source Sofware" though. That's really my personal reason for using linux et al. and why I keep slogging through it warts and all. I'd agree though, ChromeOS is basically the modern OS for grandmas. Google made the Netscape dream a reality and was exactly what Microsoft was so afraid of back then.... the browser became the OS. Google is now in the "extend" phase of "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish". A lot of "features" work nice in Chrome, while "other browser 'bugs' (firefox/safari/etc.)" are left on the development floor to rot. History just repeats.
  9. Ok, I gave compiling from svn a go and it wasn't too bad... after downloading your glprogs fix zip and then running svn r8000 I got the following backtrace after trying to use maps:
  10. Try: $ apt-get install openal-soft (this is just a guess... not too familiar with debian and debian-based distros)
  11. hmmm, if that means the frobhelper will still blink in and out of existence even if tdm_frobhelper_alwaysVisible is 1, then this is not really what I'm looking for.
  12. I do like the frobhelper (thanks to whoever coded it!), but I feel it still could be tweaked a bit. 1. To me, the "automatic" dynamic fade ins and outs are a bit unnatural and I don't like having to use it in that way (tweaking the delays didn't really help). The frobhelper should be something that I control. I feel like it should be a mode/keypress wherein I say to myself... ok I want to go into precision mode and stay there until I'm done. 2. One area I sometimes have trouble with is jumping to a spot. That is something a dot would help with, but the current frobhelper doesn't encompass this use case. Again, a modeful frobhelper would encompass this usage. So, for a modeful frobhelper: * One possibility is that turning on the frobhelper would force sneak speed until you turned it off. This would keep players from using the frobhelper 24/7 which I think is something developers didn't want to happen? * Another option is having the frobhelper turn on when you lean forward and turn off when leaning back. I kind of like this option as it feels kind of natural, you're leaning closer and want to be more precise. This also doesn't preclude it from using it for standing ledge jumps... but makes it harder to use for running jumps... which "feels" like a good compromise. I hope I've been constructive in my criticism. I really like the idea in general.
  13. Ahh. Thanks for pointing to the bugreport... that is my problem. The interaction.fs file worked for me here, but trying to set "r_useGLSL 0" didn't want to change.
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