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  1. Are there any Amnesia fan missions whose plot, goals, and story is somewhat similar to the original Thief Trilogy's? I noticed the controls and textures are somewhat similar, and both seem to take place with a mishmash of medieval, electrical, and magical elements.
  2. Just a little comment thread for people to speculate about Back 4 Blood, the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead series by Valve, made by Turtle Rock Studios, original developers of Left 4 Dead.
  3. It saddens me to see a gaming icon go to such slimy tactics. Todd Howard in 76 was bad enough.
  4. I had a new mission idea. What about a mission where your character isn't necessarily a thief, but a hunter, explaining the bow and sneaking. It takes place in the forest, and starts when you find a mauled deer carcass around sunset. There's a werewolf or beastman of some sort prowling in the woods, and you don't have enough arrows to take it out. You must sneak and avoid the beast, making sure to use the environment like rocks and other throwables to distract it, in order to reach the safety of the nearest Builder sanctuary.
  5. We all know that Valve has a problem counting to 3. All of their signature series in many's eyes, Portal, Half-Life, and Left 4 Dead, seem to have been abandoned. The company seems content to serve as a game e-market rather than innovative game-makers anymore. The last two games of note to make people sad were a dota card game and now some other dota related hobby game. I don't know what Gabe Newell's smoking while he's watching My Little Pony, but many fans of Valve seem to feel abandoned. How do you guys feel about this?
  6. Well, I might. Zweihander has rules for making your own settings based on grimdark, grim and perilous settings. I felt the universes of Thief and The Dark Mod could count. Alternatively, their rules for Dark Astral, their sci-fi expansion, could be used for a setting based on System Shock. How do you think a System Shock tabletop rpg would be?
  7. I still think this could be a good idea.
  8. I lived the Tomb Raider movies, old and new. I actually liked the movie based on Doom. I enjoyed Ratchet and Clank.
  9. They say the Thief movie is now being made by another studio. That would explain why they weren't talking about it on their public pages, they were embarrassed. They didn't say which studio would be making it instead.
  10. I left a message on their newest Facebook post. This time, I said out loud how they stonewalled my for years, never letting me know if the movie was still in development and how they kept ignoring me no matter how much I called or wrote to them. Fucking pieces of shit.
  11. They still haven't responded. Goddamn dicks.
  12. I hope that when GTFO comes out, they have good conversations between characters thrown in, too.
  13. What about a Cog with angel wings pouring a river of oil from its center hole, and the oil is landing in a lake of oil that's on fire, and Barbarian horselords from the east are being burned in it?
  14. As much as Thief 4's storyline was sub-par, it did bring up a realistic, if sad, idea. Eventually, the Baron would get tired of all the chaos and hoult wars going on in HIS city, and he would crush any group that opposed him with an iron fist. The Beastmen, not being human, would undoubtedly be the first to be driven off, the Baron at first either cooperating with Hammerites or independently hunting down the nonhumans. Either they fled or died, leaving for distant lands or magical realms where mortal men could not follow. The same most likely happened to the Pagans. Whether the magical folk took their human kin with them to the Maw of Chaos, or left them behind, I don't know. However, the bloodiest battles must have been between the Baron's forces and the Hammerites. The Hammerite religion is expressly about the founding of the City, by the Master Builder. Undoubtedly many peasants aided the Hammerites, as the official religion would have commanded them to. However, any more probably sided with the Baron, as the Hammerites were long known for their cruel behavior, and they had lost much of their number to defection to the Mechanists, who all died from the Rust Gas Sabotage. Although they may have continued to worship in secret for a few generations, I doubt any real worshippers of the Builder were left in the City after a few hundred years. How would they survive as a faith, when the ruler of their only Holy City had outlawed them, and they had no other holdings to flee to? So, what do you think about the ultimate fate of the City itself? Cities were sacked many times throughout history, and Blackbrook was said to be preparing an invasion shortly after the current Baron and the rebel leader were killed. Despite Thief 4 not living up to the series name, I find it a bit depressing to think that the City we all knew and love first had its identity destroyed before it was, presumably, bombed into ruins.
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