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  1. For an idea, since the False Hydra would involve a lot of meta gaming, any sort of goal/mission text could be altered to only say the true mission by looking at the False Hydra in a mirror. It could open up some interesting gameplay ideas, if done properly.
  2. I wish I could come up with a witty retort or actual solution, but the first thing to come to mind is "i dunno lol".
  3. Maybe we could do some different fantasy humanoids from beastmen, but still not the common ones like Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Goblin, Troll, Ogre, etc. The Silver-Skinned Kothringi and Eyeless Orma from Elder Scrolls were pretty unique subspecies of human from the swamps of Argonia, and for a horror aesthetic, the mutant Freaks from the otherwise-disliked Thief 2014 were a good monstrous humanoid, although they were still referred to as "strange man-beasts" in a newspaper article. Perhaps something like debased troglodytes, or more Lovecraftian fishmen, less sympathetic than the Kurshok I chose as my namesake, or ghouls from Pickman's Model.
  4. So we technically only have 1 true race of beastmen, the chimp-like ones in Volta 2, and one potentially on the way, the Mantians.
  5. Probably because it looks similar, but with heads on boneless limbs instead of hands. It sounds like an evil Lovecraftian potato.
  6. Hot damn, I don't like to consider myself a furry, but that Mantian Huntress is thicc, I wanna clap them cheeks.
  7. The "False Hydra" is a homebrew Dungeons and Dragon creature that could fit in any number of settings to give a horror adventure, whether high or low fantasy, science fiction, modern, or perhaps even historical. I will post a link about the creature, but the legends say they are born from lies and sin, something Bridgeport has a lot of. I could imagine one poking its head up in a basement in Bridgeport proper or a nearby town. http://goblinpunch.blogspot.com/2014/09/false-hydra.html?m=1
  8. So, do the Beastfolk of any kind have any cultures of their own, outside of the pagan culture? Do they have their own cities, towns, or villages? Different religions? Are there any nations in the world where Beastfolk and humans get along, or where Beastfolk are the majority?
  9. That's it, freyk! So, the point is, could a modern-day Thief type game, featuring an expert burglar who encounters the supernatural on a job, ever get as much of a following as Thief/TDM, which takes place in a more "plausible" location of experiencing horror whilst sneaking, a fantasy world?
  10. I believe it was called "Thief 4: Dagger of Ways"?
  11. That's not what I was talking about, but I HAVE heard of Thief Simulator.
  12. I hope the community lasts as long as Team Fortress 2's.
  13. Well, the title says it all. Since most of the missions in the Gex series were based on stereotypes of certain types of TV channels and movie genres, and most content creators barely have any idea of what they want to put out anymore, is a new Gex game worth it? Maybe a Walking Dead inspired level, or a fight across a methhead-infested desert Breaking Bad inspired level, but it would probably mostly be beating the shit out of the Kardashians and Late-Night television hosts.
  14. Someone should re-rig and design the creatures cut due to using Doom 3 A.I. Spider Queen and Ghouls sound dope.
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