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  1. Hello Epi, There is an entity called "atdm:target_changetarget" Here is an example from the Wiki section "Conversations" on how to use it:
  2. Hello VanishedOne, I have added a response "kill/enttiy name" and that works. It looks a little bit strange, because the spiderman is not really hit by the barrel, but it works. Thank you!
  3. I want the player to kill a spiderman through a trap door (c ) which releases a heavy barrel onto this obnoxious creature. The barrel (a) is a moveable with 100 kg. I have surrounded the barrel with a no-draw fun_static brush (b ) which I gave the stim "kill" with the parameter "radius - use bounds". The brush has a bind property referring to the barrel. When I open the "trap door" the barrel falls down and onto the spiderman, but nothing happens. It also looks really weird, as the barrel "floats" above the spiderman (surely because of its bounding box). How can I solve this problem?
  4. Oh, oh, another new mission! And three years work. Very impressive. The Federal Republic of Germany once had to save the "Commerzbank" with taxpayers money. Now it is payback time. Thank you for enabling that!
  5. Wow, wow, wow. I just entered the castle, but now I've stopped. I have to transfer this mission to my notebook, connect it to the big screen...and then start again with 5.1...after sunset! Again, thank you for this mission!
  6. Oh man, this looks really creepy! Congratulations and thank you for the hard work!
  7. Hello VanishedOne, Great. Thank you for this.
  8. Hidden Hands: Vitalic Fever Well, the time-consuming things are finished. New ambient and new FX already in place. Same goes for EFX. I want to add loot/items/ammo and all objectives this weekend. Then will try to get some voice actors. Location: a seemingly peaceful, cottage Halfrid is back, and he is crazier than ever! Why is he growing vegetables high above the ground in the first place? Duzenko suggested to re-adjust the light for better performance in a critical staricase. Side effect: it looks much better now! Spartanic builders! ...and as always: alcoholics everywhere! (Even the musician seems to be drunk!) EDIT: Original shots were way too dark, sorry. Just uploaded pics with increased gamma.
  9. Who are the following voice actors and how can I contact them? grumbler_guard_01 pro_guard_01 pro_civilian_01 builder_04_civilian builder_01 My partner in crime and myself wrote a few conversations for the next mission and it would be great to get the original voices to avoid confusion.
  10. That worked. Thanks a lot, VanishedOne!
  11. Hello VanishedOne, I have the same problem. How would I use the func_animate? 1. Insert horse 2. Change "horse class(:)" to animated prop...? 3. Target horse with func_animate...? 4. ...what to set in func_animate? The horses in HHI do have less space compared to my new WIP, but it did not lead to errors. BTW, thank you very much for the hint with the tilted rotating entity. I do not understand the setup, but it works perfectly.
  12. Oh boy, here comes his next mission! Congratulations and thank you very much for the hard work!
  13. Thank you Destined, just fnished reading through this thread. Unfortunately, I can not learn much from it. I tried now to bind the entity to the door model and then tried the same with the target function - both times with no effect.
  14. How do I use the entity "func_peek"? This seems to be something new (at least I have not seen it before) and I cannot find it in a mission. The description says, I can place it on the keyholes of door models. I did so, but nothing happens. This would be extremely cool for my next mission.
  15. Hello demagogue, Thanks for the prompt response. Those absence markers are entities from the entity list? I have browsed through most of the folders, but I cannot find it.
  16. Is it possible to enable something like absence_noticeability on missing guards? Guard A: Guards a door, walks to a path corner, waits there, returns to the door Guard B: On patrol, passes the door in question. Guard B shall change alert status when noticing that guard A is no longer around
  17. Wow, new paintings as well! I really like the guy in picture #3. He looks both terrifying and scared. This will add massively to future horror missions. Oh yeah. Edit: Would be great, if you could post some shots of your work in the relevant thread, I am really curious to see your efforts so far.
  18. I've created a ventilator, then tilted it a little bit towards the ground. The problem is: it does not rotate correctly anymore, it also moves along the other axis (just a little bit). Is there a way to fix this?
  19. From HHI: Can move the mouse everywhere I want under 2.07 - always receive 60 fps in this particular place. I hereby award the guy(s) responsible for this with the new title "Premium Professional". This title cannot be delegated. Thanks again for this!
  20. Hello grayman, Very good, spares me to re-open the map again. Loading the map takes a long time, as you know. Hello Zap, Ah, yes, now I understand. It is the barred door in the basement. You are right; this particular door is actually smaller, but we did not receive problems during beta. I have checked again, and it works fine for me, hm... Sorry, I am afraid I cannot help you on this problem.
  21. You mean the "Audience AIs" which can be found in the prefab folder under the section "ai" ?
  22. Yes, I recall a post (I think from Springheel) somewhere in the editor's guild. I think he also created a test set up to find out the AI behaviour when offering both an elevator and stairs and had this test running for several hours. I think the result was, that the AIs quite often preferred the stairs.
  23. Hello Zap, You mean the door to the right from the elevator? It is a standard size used in the entire building, hm... I am afraid I have no solution for the interruption of the music when quicksaving (found this out after the release). Did you try the highest difficulty level? The mansion is quite well lit then. The necklace is definitely in the pool! :) Thank you for comments and have a nice day! JF
  24. Hi Steve, You've made my day. :) On the other hand, I am pretty sure they are all on the same team. Hm...maybe I should check again. BTW, watching this just provided me with a new idea of how to use these guys in my third mission.
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