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  1. Helllo Bienie, Thank you for this Christman mission. Downloaded and started playing it last night. JF P.S. Ah, that's how you create blank lines in button-animated briefing. I was already about to ask in the Newbie thread how to do that. .
  2. JackFarmer


    Yep, Merry Christmas und schöne Weihnachten!
  3. My beta shows the following problem: overlapping inventory - you see loot and last selected item over another: What can I do to fix this?
  4. Yeah, I recall the sountrack for the first Snake Plisskin movie (did not see it then in cinema, of course, was too young at that time, saw it many years later). Sounds like Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.
  5. After consulting with Grayman and Duzenko I can confirm your assumption: as soon as a gui file originally found in the core file structure has been created in the mission map, the code disregards the original settings from the core file. Thus it is required to copy the core file to the map and create the changes there. With respect to both music to be played on the main menu and during the briefings, the following has to be done: 1. Take a copy of the file "mainmenu_custom_defs.gui" and store in under "fms/missionname/guis". 2. Replace the ".gui" ending with an ".txt" ending 3. For changing the music in the main menu add at the end: #undef MM_MENU_SOUND_CMD #define MM_MENU_SOUND_CMD "music mysong1;" 4. For changing the music during the briefing add at the end: #undef MM_BRIEFING_SOUND_CMD #define MM_BRIEFING_SOUND_CMD "music mysong2;" The word "music" and the ";" must be included by any means, otherwise it will not work. 5. A text file has to be added containing the following: mysong1 { editor_displayFolder ambient minDistance 20 maxDistance 24 volume 4 no_efx sound/ambient/mysong1.ogg } mysong2 { editor_displayFolder ambient looping omnidirectional volume 15 sound/ambient/mysong2.ogg } 6. After adding the lines quoted above, the ending of the file has to be changed into "sndshd". 7. The sound files (format: ogg) belong in the folder mymission/sound/ambient -------------------------------------------- I hope I did not forget anything important and you can turn this into understandable English language. JF
  6. Please insert the prefab with the name "dresser_darkS.pfb" (that's just an example; there are several of them where S/N/W/E refers to the opening rotation). This prefab comes with all additional settings you need and the drawers include the frobblockers. I hope this helps you.
  7. You are right. I just removed the file mentioned above and now the DM intro is back, but my custom music is gone. Do I have to add something in the definitions above to make sure that the game does still use settings I have not changed?
  8. 1. If I replace my briefing.gui with the unchanged briefing.gui from Sotha I downloaded a few weeks back - same result. 2. If I replaced my briefing gui with the customized briefing.gui from Full Moon Fewer ( the mission uses also Sotha's button-animated briefing) - same result That brings me to the conclusion I must have changed something outside this particular gui file but I cannot figure out where. There is a gui in which I changed the sound files to play (mainmenu_custom_defs_gui), but this file only includes the following not relevant for visuals: #undef MM_MENU_SOUND_CMD #define MM_MENU_SOUND_CMD "music maintitle;" #undef MM_BRIEFING_SOUND_CMD #define MM_BRIEFING_SOUND_CMD "music hiddenhands;" hm...
  9. When I start the mission via "Start Mission" button, I receive the swirling background showing nothing: After pressing the left mouse button, the button-animated briefing (from Sotha) starts. So far, so good, but how can I integrate the DM intro before my briefing?
  10. I have finished almsot everything. I will go beta next week. My island looks like this (after editing): @demagogue: Thanks a lot for map hints!
  11. Hello all, Proofreading is currently carried out by one of our fellow TDM friends. He wants to finish it this week. I then will do final AI adjustments next Friday/Saturday. I want to start beta testing next Sunday (November, 18th). It would be great to get three testers (easy, medium and hard). If I do not get any testers, I will fly to NYC, find the grey man, and force him to test ALL difficulty levels. After this torture, he will curse all of you! You do not want that? Then please send me a PM or reply here. I am afraid the mission is longer than I expected. It took me almost 2 1/2 hours on the "hard" difficulty level. I really thought, it would be much easier. Many thanks in advance! Jack
  12. Mission failed due to language barriers! Before I go beta with my mission, I need someone to check my - briefing (six pages, button animated) - objectives - readables (ca. 20 scrolls) - signs (ca. 20) - maps (3) - thought bubbles (5) It would be great, if I could get some help from an English native speaker. If you are interested, please drop me a PM or reply here. Thank you in advance! JF
  13. If I recall correctly, one of the pistols used during the scene in question was charged with live ammo instead of blanks. However, best about the movie was the soundtrack. I really liked the tracks from The Cure, Nine Inch Nails and the Violent Femmes.
  14. One week or two weeks. I'll try my best until this Sunday.
  15. I have created for the very first time a pk4 of my WIP...and found out that the issue with my last objective ("Go to xxx when finished") simply does not pose a problem in the packaged version of the game and everything works as it should. Another problem solved and I can see the end of the tunnel now! Hidden Hands: The Joining Explore Blackstone Island and become a fully-fledged member of the "Hidden Hands" union! Mansion! Infiltrate the home of a late nobleman and steal one of his most appreciated values from the bedroom of his widow...very cold-hearted! Cemetry! Explore a lively graveyard and prepare to challenge an unutterable evil presence! Banks and robots! The local bank possesses the newest security technology and the bank's very own vault was considered burglarproof...till you came along! A custom script written by Destined enables spider bots to crawl through tunnels and small openings. No place to hide for anxious rookies anymore! Clerics! St. Adrian is one of the Builder`s most appreciated cruisaders. Befoul his reputation and pilfer his legendary "Axe of Anger"! Beware of the mad scientist! He oversteps the borders of morality and decency...but he does not mind, because he is a mad scientist engaged in an unholy alliance! ! In addition, the mission includes several custom ambient tracks and sound effects I wrote and performed by myself. Mission Status: A few more lights, four or five additional AIs and relevant paths, placing of three more special items and a ca. six readables are missing. Is here somebody who could help me creating two or three ingame maps? That would be much appreciated.
  16. You are right; this works as well! Very simple and effective! Thank you very much. Is this a general rule: If you pick up an item, then you can (depending on the item status) switch on/off another entity or does it in this case only work because the pickable item belongs into the "loot" category?
  17. Hello ERH+, Thank you for that; I will give it a try.
  18. Hello AH & ERH+; Thanks for the prompt reply. But how do I arrange for the muting of the speaker via DR and remove the light at the same time?
  19. After the player grabs a critical objective item, the completion target from the objectives editor is set to a func remove entity. It shall remove both a light source and a looping speaker. My problem is, that the entity always removes the light source, but never the speaker. I have already changed the priority (target 1/2), but the effect is the same. Is func remove not suitable for speakers?
  20. That works perfectly! Thank you very much!
  21. The gate (A) shall be blocked by a translating stop plate B. The gate always cuts through the stop plate as if it were butter. If I place a moveable crate below the gate, then it works correctly and stops. What can I do to make the gate stop through the plate as well?
  22. Back in the day, Eidos USA promoted the release of TR 1 (or was it TR2 or TR3?) with the slogan "Go back to Indiana, Mr. Jones!".
  23. Truer words have never been spoken. It is so depressing. :(
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