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  1. What I'm looking for is a reason why this executable keeps being deleted.
  2. This is the third time I've fired up my computer to find that the executable for running the 64bit version of DarkMod has been deleted. I've had to re-install the whole game in order to get that executable back, and in the process of coarse I lose my saves. It doesn't happen right away. This last time I was able to play for a few weeks before TheDarkMod64.exe vanished. Has anyone else suffered this problem ? I'm thinking it might be a Windows Defender decision but I have no way of knowing.
  3. I haven't seen a BSD in days <seriously joking>
  4. Everything is fine (I think). Right now I'm playing CoS2: A Precarious Position and its performing without issue. But I just downloaded the mission. I need to plow through completed missions to see if anything is misbehaving. I am aware that "Saves" are lost when you upgrade DarkMod, so that problem has an explanation. I'm not sure whether I can play a mission that was completed under 2.07 32bit and have the saves work under 64bit. Not having the Saves accessible is irritating but it doesn't affect play. And so far, the play is fine. What is CTD ? I'm gonna guess "Crash To Desktop"
  5. The mission that gave me this error was CoS1: Pearls And Swine
  6. I don't know if This will apply to all missions that I've previously played, but for the one that gave me the above Game Error, I re-downloaded the mission (updated) and it started on the 2nd attempt. The first attempt the game crashed to desktop. Also, my saves were lost, but that was probably due to my upgrade to 2.07 a few months back. I'm not sure if my issues are totally fixed in other words. I need to test more missions. But I got my 64bit version back !! Thanks to everyone who is helping
  7. The Game has returned along with the capability of played in 64bit. But when I try to play certain missions again, I get the following Game Error. I get the same error whether I try in 32bit or the 64 bit version. And I get the same error when I DON'T use any of the saves but attempt a "New Mission". Any ideas whats happening ??
  8. I don't remember if I used your installer or not but I can't find any reference to an "uninstaller" anywhere so that suggests I didn't. What I DO have is the darkmod207.zip which I will use to extract all pertinent files in what will be an empty folder (I may name the folder slightly different). The zip file contains tdm_update.exe as well as the file TheDarkMod64.exe, which for whatever reason disappeared from my computer last week and started my problems. Once installed, I will move the fms Folder to the new install folder and hopefully that will solve my growing issues. I suppose once installed, I should run the update program to make sure everything is current ?
  9. I can't find an "Uninstall" option for Dark Mod. I need to re-install the game due to increasing and now expanding problems. Should I just delete the folder containing the game (saving the "fms" folder) then install a fresh version and drop "fms" into it?
  10. Yes. I realize from past experience that saves don't survive DarkMod upgrades, but the little bit of information I read on 2.07 made no reference to this issue, so I was basically crossing my fingers and hoping that the problem of save transfers had been rectified. Oh well......
  11. OS = Windows 10 Home Ver 1903, Build 18362.145 I transplanted TheDarkModx64.exe to my original folder and the game appears to be working, though it loads 2.07, which you confirmed should not play my saves. So....my game has returned to me, upgraded from 2.06 to 2.07. The price is a loss of all my saves. That is an unfortunate consequence with DarkMod upgrades and I guess we should all be used to that by now. Whether my configuration is stable, time will tell. My plan will either be to carry on with the original folder (with the copied .exe from the fresh install) and remove the fresh install, or copy the fms folder to the new install so at least I have the fan missions that I have played available to me without having to download them all over again. I'm inclined to take the latter course of action. Does that sound appropriate? Are there any other files I should copy over to the new install ? Appreciate your help nbohr1more. Thank you.
  12. I have more than one problem here that needs addressing, but hopefully one solution will help the others. I will start at the beginning. For some reason "TheDarkModx64.exe" disappeared on me today. I was playing the game yesterday without issue. A shortcut to the game is pinned to the taskbar and I was informed that the file the shortcut was pointing to no longer existed. Nevertheless I did a search throughout my computer for the executable without success. So I thought I might as well upgrade to 2.07 and maybe that would bring back "TheDarModx64.exe". The installation wouldn't complete however because "Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package failed to install." I was prompted to run vcredist_x86.exe from the game directory. That failed as well because..... "Another version of this product is already installed." I finally decided to reinstall the game in a different folder but lost all my fan missions & saves (they are there in the original folder). 1. Does upgrading to 2.07 make all the saves from 2.06 unplayable?? 2. "TheDarkModx64.exe" shows up in my new DarkMod folder. Can I copy/paste to my old folder?? 3. My old folder (with all the saves in the "fms" folder) will play if I run TheDarkMod.exe instead of TheDarkModx64.exe. But the saves won't load. Is there a difference (other than running 64bit) between the two executables? I copied "fms folder" over from the old folder to the new folder...same problem (saves won't load) I copied "TheDarModx64.exe" from the fresh install to the old folder with no change. So if the Saves from 2.06 don't survive the upgrade, then there's not much I can do except reinstall 2.06 if I can find that version anywhere. Probably digging myself deeper into a hole here Thx in advance for any advise.
  13. Baffled I'm confused over a reference to a "picture" that explains how to open the coffin in the crypt. It sounds like I missed a text that explains the hint. The only reason I know I have to light the torches in some kind of order is from reading this thread. Can someone point me to where this picture is located or where the hint is located ?
  14. This was a GREAT mission. Couldn't find all of the loot on my own, but that's ok. I like to check all of the boxes on the objective menu, but I don't like to ghost, so I felt forced into it as those check boxes are on all 3 difficulty levels (even if they are optional and don't trigger the mission to end). I had to replay the mission when I "found" the identity of the killer and all hell broke loose. Seems everybody was alerted, from the killer himself, to the guards on the street. I couldn't pickpocket any loot from guards on high alert. On second try of the mission, I completed everything first and grabbed the evidence of the killer before heading for mission end. I don't know if this was the way it's supposed to play out or whether It was happenstance.
  15. Did anyone get all the loot ? I had to cheat to get everything. Of the many difficult items, none was more elusive than
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