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  1. At the workshop I messed around with the Stim/Response editor, trying to figure out what one can do with it, and I found some pretty nice applications. I made 8 different setups with The Stim/Response editor, all with different Stims and a whole scope of Responses. Make things happen on the impact of gas, fire, water, a falling object, moss , frob, holy water and a switch/trigger. There are more "Stims" available, but thats for later worries. The things you can make happen are numurous; you can make fire, make things disappear, make things move, start sound fx, spawn particle fx and more! ..... Try the Stim/Response editor today! : ) It's amazing: https://streamable.com/blyxp The .map file is here: https://filebin.net/i9g7dvu9uwykye6r The white pilars, aswell as the white tile and the rope arrow (hidden inside it's pillar) have the Stim/Response attached, other entities don't: Select one of them, and there you can find the Stim/Response information; go to "Entity" (top menu) and select "Stim/Response..." Every Stim can have any response, so the appearing rope arrow could be triggerd by the gass arrow ... or a fountain could be triggered by a fire arrow. It's up to you ... what ever you want to do. Watch Springheels turorial on traps for an example of interaction with the Stim/Response editor: https://youtu.be/0H9BkPED9yQ&feature=youtu.be&t=480 Questions: Ask them : )
  2. @VanishedOne A func_emitter is an entity and can be triggered with a Trigger effect, and also be removed with a Remove effect, so that would certainly work. The only thing is; how to get this done by a frob stim on the arrow .. for the arrow is spawned with the Spawn Entity effect. If I hide the arrow and Teleport it to that place, hanging in the air, it drops down and starts acting weird ... I guess I have to make a little caulk block where the arrow sticks into a bit, after the teleport, so then I can put a stim/response on it to make the func emitters to be Removed. If the Move To Position effect is for AI it's description might not be right: " Move To Position: Moves the named Entity to the stated Position (coordinates: X Y Z). http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Stim/Response_Editor ---- I did make it work with the func_emitters and the caulk "holder" block and I was wondering: Is there a way to make the particle fx fade away, instead of beïng just gone? For aesthetics that would really be a lot nicer. The ea001_bloom particles don't react on the start_off spawnarg by the way, but the roverbeam3 does. Is it allowed to upoad .map files via the " Drag files here to attach, or choose files... " .. or better via weblinks like I did earliër?
  3. @Destined "Not 100% sure about the Move To Position effect, but I could imagine that this only works with moveable entities. If you just want to have the block in another location, try the Teleport (Set Origin) effect instead." That could well be the case, I'm gonna try it. Thanks. --- The Teleport works, but the Move To Position doesn't work on movables either ... Also 2 particles spawn at the frob block and I would like them to be removed when the rope arrow is taken, but there is only a Remove effect, where you can't select a particle : ( There should be a Remove Particle to make things more complete on the effects side, I think.
  4. I finally made things work with the stim/response editor. Making things happen with certain arrows, frob, and Springheels Trap1. I got a video showing what's happening, and a mapfile with the setup. https://streamable.com/0y3ww https://filebin.net/zhglkx6g8wh5nts5 Select a white block and go to the entity menu, there select stim/response to see what is set/how it works. I couldn't get the Move To Position effect to work ... it's on the moss block. Anyone have a clue why?
  5. @Destined I made a brush, made that func_statik and gave it the fire stim and gave it the fire response with the effect "Turn Light Of" .. and that works! I thought I had to have the stim and response on a different entity ... Now I got this trap working and this fire response, I'm gonna fiddle around with it some more and when I understand it better, I'm gonna read your comments again and hopfully understand more about the functionality.
  6. @Destined Ok, the spawnarg is clear now, but I don't really understand what the benefit is over setting this value via a stim/response, instead of in the entity window. Do you have an example in what scenario this would be applicable? The frob action made the door open and close a little bit for like 10 times in a short time .. it was ratteling and stayed closed. To trigger a door to open I would use triggers anyway, but this was a testing setup. I found that the frobable response did work on the same door, and I could make it un-frobable. I tried the same door model, but the reversed one and copied the whole path .. and tried the same size model wita different skin ... didn't try other models. I Would like the light to change color, but the Set Light Color response doesn't work on the model, but does work on a light source. Something that is probably obvious for people who understand it all : ) I got to understand triggers. They are simple blocks but you can make complex things happen with them, because there is a lot of types with different functions. But I still do not understand why/how the Trap 1 works ... why does the touching of the entity with te responses defined, the tile, trigger these responses when it touches the stem/trigger? What is the relationship between the stem/trigger and the falling tile? How to make a light turn of by shooting a fire arrow at something else .. for example?
  7. @VanishedOne @Destined I've made Springheels trap and ofcourse that works. Then I started eperimenting with other responses and it seems that a lot of them just don't work. For instance the set spawnarg does't do anything, the frob acts really weird on a door, the set Model makes te model disappear (maybe the new model, that would be the response appears in an other place because the model I tested was not made on the zero point of the editorfield), and there were some more things. The set color works on a basic light source, but not on the grill light .. but the set spawnarg doesn't work, so I cant change the color of that light. Is this stim/response editor "broken" or something? Did it all work before?
  8. About Stim/Response. There is a Response effect "Set Light Color", so I guess it can change the "color" value of a light .. but I don't get how to trigger it with a simple switch. The switch should be selected, then open the Stim/Response editor, make a custom stim, and make the response "Set Light Color", and fill in the info needed ... right? But what should be the stim?
  9. @Amadeus Lol. I have been there. Once you understand triggers they are very simple tools to make all sorts of things happen. But I think for more complex things, like the doors I made that open only from the inside, the stim/response editor would be easyer, so I'm trying to understand how that works by looking at springheels Trap tutorials, but ist's still not clear what the basics are : ) I set this video to where the stim/respons part starts in the first Trap video Somehow the Wiki about this editor doesn't make a lot of sence to me ... probably because I lack some basic understanding about game development. It's all very new to me, but that is the challenge ofcourse: learning new things ... I wish I had this when I was a teen : )
  10. @Amadeus Here you go. It's next to the grill light setup. I made a trigger_once for the triggering by the player. To make this trigger just draw a brush, keep it selected, rightclick and choose create entity, there choose trigger_once and click add. https://filebin.net/0z4nf4miml7jo77n
  11. @Amadeus This is actually quite simple. Thought Dragofers setup would work, I would do it a bit different. Have trigger_timer and set "wait" to 4 seconds or something. Have the trigger-timer trigger a trigger_sequencer and have 2 speakers with the same bell sound. Have the trigger_sequencer target first speaker1 then speaker2 then speaker one again, if you want to hear the bell 3 times, and if you want 4 bell rings, target speaker1 again etc. This way it doesnt get totally silent before the next bell rings, and will sound more natural. You have to trigger the trigger_timer with the door or make a trigger_once to trigger the trigger_timer. I can put up a .map file like yesterday if you wish ..
  12. @Amadeus Ignore all other things, the setup is above the purple light. https://filebin.net/hwg1u5ltnljmzbfn
  13. @Amadeus This actually works! : ) https://streamable.com/hpzy3 I got 2 sliding doors, about the same size of the grill light, with spawnarg "translate_speed" set to 2000 (so fast it looks like it doesn't move), one with spawnarg "open" set to 0, the other one set to 1, and trigger them both with the same switch. Have 2 of these grill lights, one green and one red and bind the green to a sliding door, and the red to the other, .. one of them is always "hidden" in the wall, and the other visable. Spawnarg "translate" set to 20, on x,y or z, depending on the orientation, seems enough to hide the model, and you can use the first suggestion I did to light up the surroundings with a seperate red and green light. I used this model: models/darkmod/lights/non-extinguishable/grill_light_short.lwo
  14. @Amadeus You could have 2 invisable sliding doors and bind the red light to one, and the green one to the other, have one to be open and one closed at gamestart, and trigger them both with the switch. I'm gonna try it : )
  15. @Amadeus I was curious and went checking out this colorme grill light .. and the model doesn't change from a lightsource that ist not it's own. If it was only that simple : ( I think I would solve it myself by recreating this model in DR (I haven't got into other 3d programs) and making the glass from some matt transparent material that would be affected by the colored lights I suggested. I am really curious, and have been looking for a trigger or something that can target individual spawnargs and their values, for that could open a lot of posibillities, but I can't find it, and probaly there is no such entity. Probably some scripting and/or stim/response is involved in changing the colorme light with a switch. @Everyone : Is there an easy way to change/target spawnarg values with a switch/trigger?
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