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  1. I tried but the screenshot won't respect the custom gamma levels, so you won't get the idea.
  2. @Petike the Taffer I only had a PC too... but I made good use of emulators In the early 2000s I owned thousand of emulated games from all consoles you could imagined. I even bought some original PS1 games to play on my computer, because I figured out how to make them work even better on it than on a real machine. It took years to perfect, but it was worth it. I also remember playing N64 games on my computer, with four game-pads and accelerated graphics. And when I tried the real console out it felt rather crappy in comparison. The original game-pads were horrible, very expensive, and the games run on a kind of slow frame-rate. And the most interesting part, I got all of it without Internet. I got Internet pretty late on my life, and that day I got overpowered. I guess my parents were scared about how much time I could employ on it, and they were right. I even wrote a section of the eMule manual, the section about how to find more stuff when searching. Happily I no longer do piracy, and rather use libre software. Sometimes I download pirate games just to see if they work on Linux before buying them, but I pay for what I play (except if old school and out of the market). That said you will enjoy this:
  3. For anybody that has packaged before it shall be quite trivial to do so, as the provided program does all the work for the packager.
  4. I don't usually play cracked games, but while playing abandon-ware the value cannot be overlooked. Also while testing if the game will work on Linux prior to buying it. For example I uploaded the game "Scott Pilgrim VS The World" to the Internet Archive. If it hasn't been because of a crack (and emulator) nobody in the hole Internet would be able to play it anymore.
  5. @STiFU For instance I have a mod that updates all the graphics and makes it look awesome, in case you want to try it out.
  6. @STiFU Have you tried out System Shock 2, from Irrational Games?
  7. I would create a native package using the Darkmod Linux Packager.
  8. One way or another there's always a way. Have a nice day
  9. Well probably there's nothing else you can do on that regard for the moment being. I have tried providing the game as an alternative version, lets see if it sticks. By the way, compared with the official standalone, the software provides the following features. In case you are interested in them: Separated saved games and mission cache for each user, so they cannot delete each other's. Missions auto-cleanup. If you delete the mission saves from inside the game, and the mission isn't the current installed one, it will be removed automatically on next game launch. This is important as the game folder will be out of view for the user. Enhanced installation speed. As it uses the fastest mirror by default, and provides the package building method that minimizes recurrent copies.
  10. In their own words, the reason why they are rejecting the software is that it doesn't come from The Dark Mod project. And nothing different than that will make them change their mind. Without this software the game cannot be installed system wide and work, since a system wide folder cannot have write permission for holding the saved games and campaigns. For instance after posting this thread we had a huge fight about this, because the game cannot work without this software but they wanted it out nowadays. Then they decided to ship the game as it is, and the game is no longer able to save games or download campaigns.
  11. What the software does is stated under its title: it builds a root tree adequate for packaging the game into Linux. You simply run the program, and that is done. There's nothing else to explain. The documentation is under the "info" folder. There you can find a file called "usage rights.txt" with a link to the GPL. Those extra requirements you mention are there by mistake in the human readable summary, and can be fixed.
  12. Could you provide me a link to those packages?
  13. As you probably know I have created a software that fully packages The Dark Mod for Linux. Without that software the game cannot be installed system wide. The problem I'm facing is that that Arch Linux won't allow me to use it under their operating system because it's not an officially provided software. So I was wondering if The Dark Mod community could endorse that software somehow. I guess that mentioning so in this thread would be enough, otherwise I could notice. Although I'm opened to further suggestions. I can provide a digital signature that warrants that I can be held liable for that code.
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