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  1. Yesterday when I played this mission I was a little suspicious since I haven't seen Kingsal's work before. I was also just after trying some other FM which didn't click for me so a little cautious I launched the "Volta and stone" and immediately it appealed to me in the aspect of distinct visual style. However I found it rather linear, especially in the city part and surprisingly barren when it comes to objects, I am not sure if I liked it but then again it seemed like everything was placed there after a long thought process and it gave the whole thing a very clean, nice look, similar to professional missions. It was definetly higher standard work since it had original voice acting and textures. It also scratched a little bit my itch in the story department getting back to one trope from thief universe which I feel we have totally abandoned. Aside from city part the map was well thought out and a joy to play. I hope to see only better from Kingsal. Thank you for making my evening all that more pleasant. ^^
  2. I feel like I came back to this game just in time to try again and maybe make something with dark radiant! Keep them coming Springheel!
  3. So I haven't played in a while... after starting up some other mission and getting stuck in it I decided to try this Crucible of Omens which last time I was here (2 years ago?) was still in development if I'm correct. I am glad I opened this one because I thought initially that maybe I've had enough of taffin about in the dark mod universe and it seems I was wrong! This is a beautifully designed and crafted mission, using all the best of thief series tropes. The city is vast and sprawling, lots of vertical and horizontal movement allows to really appreciate the complexity and stunning visuals which occasionally caused framedrops on my new laptop but it didn't harm the experience as a whole. The story although rather typical, was very well executed and I immensely enjoyed it as a come back to the game. Although you really have to start coming up with something fresh in terms of writting and story... I like Ulysses premise...(that's the FM I got stuck in). Other then that it is good to see the game is still getting updates and developing. This is truly outstanding that all this work was done by some crazy fans and for the crazy fans of the thief series Keep up the good work!
  4. These are the pictures from Athos. I suggest reading about it for it's a palce like no other! It's like a second vatican, but more fantasy like! http://gosc.pl/gal/pokaz/2242129.Tysiac-lat-modlitwy#gt It's a polish website but you can just click on whichever picture you like to see it, or use the button "następne" which is in small red font above the picture.
  5. http://pieniadze.gazeta.pl/pieniadz/56,136156,16695576,To_mieszkanie_czy_sredniowieczny_zamek__W_Warszawie.html So this is a polish website, just click on the main photo and then keep on clicking arrows on the sides of the screen. And just for the record, that's a flat! In Warsaw! You can buy it for 1.6 million zloty divide by 4 and you have roughly the euros.
  6. Ok, I am still in the process of getting through this one but I already need to say that it is so far the most interesting cityscape I've played in TDM!
  7. Ok, there is a grand appeal in Springheel's missions. They seem perfectly balanced: 1. The maps look pretty. (big views, no framedrop) 2. The stories are solid and you don't get lost. 3. The overall quality is set on high bar. What it is missing? A strong, fleshed out main character (like Garrett) and full mystery story. Awaiting more! Had a lot of fun!
  8. Araneidae I think you might have the very same problem I had. You can deal with it in two ways:
  9. Finished! Where is the rating for this one? It was almost excellent! (how do you add spoilers?? I totally forgot...)
  10. And one more picture to make a nice number of 3:
  11. A cookie for the first person to recognise one of the most well known churches in the world:
  12. there is a fanpage on facebook of old church photos, it's polish but it doesn't really matter since you can find some nice photos there just by scrolling. https://www.facebook.com/modaklerykalna
  13. We have our new Garreth voice! - This guy has really mastered the Stephen Russell impression!
  14. Ok, this one I found on internet when I was looking at my failed pictures of alabaster glass: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbazia_di_Casamari
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