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  1. Those look pretty amazing, any plans on making dirty/rusty/greenish versions?
  2. Yeah, I've heard the map has ballooned in size and complexity. Looks like it's going to be pretty insane.
  3. Well, the release threads on the forums would probably be the most accurate info.
  4. Welcome, to 2017! Thanks for coming out!
  5. Part of the process of getting on steam was creating a legal entity and having someone responsible. Who's going to stick their neck out?
  6. It is "solvable", by us going through literally all 8000 assets and proving that we have the rights to use the assets that were sourced elsewhere. Not. Going. To. Happen. We do not have the man power or the will to undertake such a mission.
  7. The Dark Mod has been promoted on some decently trafficked sites, it's had a ton of exposure over the years. We were the FASTEST EVER game to be voted to be Greenlit on Steam. Ever. It was an insane moment.
  8. I'm pretty sure B1ker tried to get in touch with GOG, to no avail.
  9. Same, and same with the Thief 2 demo that was on the pc gamer disc at the time. Loved that demo.
  10. That looks great! I can't wait to go swimming! One of the cool parts of Baffords in Thief 1 was jumping off the balcony into the pool.
  11. Time for a meet and greet You can show him your plaque.
  12. I've also had success in opening the .map file, finding that brush and getting rid of the crazy amount of extra numbers on the vertex coordinates. But, make sure you snap that brush to like grid 4 (8 units). EDIT: AI do not "see" func_statics, they only see brushes. So if they walk close to the edge of the stairs they can get stuck trying to walk by it indefinitely.
  13. You're pictures are too small, can't see anything, they don't get bigger when I click on them. EDIT: Also, just delete the brushes and recreate them.
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