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  1. So, Taaaki got the new server running now. You can now download missions as usual again. Have fun, taffers!!
  2. Please follow the instructions posted by stgatilov for now. We will notify you when everything is back in order again.
  3. Yes, our beloved TDM community used to be a very vivid place. Over the time, many contributors burned out, some we have even never heard of again, but at the same time we always had a steady influx of new contributors, some of whom rised up to be absolute mod-heroes. I feel like our last productivity spike was around last christmas. Afterwards, there was drama and major technichal issues that hindered development. The latter was/is a severe issue, because contributors simply couldn't work properly anymore and so, lost their habbit of contributing regularly. At least that's my personal perception of things. Taaaki is setting up a new server for us at the moment. So here is to hoping that we won't run into such an issue again anytime soon and to 10 years of TDM. It has been awesome!!
  4. Yes, I have played Velvet Assassin. But I totally forgot about Death to Spies. I actually got one or two of the games in my lib. Might check it out, although it does not really scratch that techy itch (nightvision goggles etc.) as Splinter Cell does. I also did not yet play both new Hitman titles, although I used to be a huge fan of the series. So Hitman 1 might be another (not so techy) option.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations. The Reviews for Stolen don't sound very promising, but I'd be willig to try it anyway. However, you cannot get it anywhere. There is not place to buy it officially, let alone download it illegally.
  6. Exciting news, indeed. Looking forward to the first major mods to this awesome game!!
  7. Maybe @Obsttorte, our scripting guru, is motivated enough to do it. We'll see.
  8. I just tried Metal Gear Solid for the first time, but I quickly got fed up with the horrible controls and camera. I quickly noticed that it is not the type of game I am looking for anyway. I was looking for an alternative to the magnificent Splinter Cell games, but alas, there are none!
  9. You can uninstall FMs, but you are correct, they are not permanently deleted. However, in an age where games usually take up 70 to 120 Gigs of space and hdd have capacities above 1 TB, I really don't see the necessity to delete individual 250 MB (max!) files from inside the game. As you already said, you have a file manager for that.
  10. Already reportere here: The issue is being worked on. In the meantime, I have uploaded my FM repository to google drive so people can at least download FMs manually.
  11. Taaaki is on it, but it might take a while. As I said earlier, I am uploading all FMs upto January 2019 to google drive right now, which will take about 2 more hours to finish. You can already access them here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qAI6t6nY-M9sAEp10mgQoAEJkwEf--Yy I had all those FMs unzipped so I had to zip/pk4 them again. I hope there are no technical issues with these.
  12. Oh boy, what is this now? @taaaki is definitely the person to contact in this regard. Let's hope he drops by soon. He is usually pretty busy, so it might take some time. In the mean time, I will try to upload my personal mission repo somewhere so you guys can at least keep on playing. It is a bit outdated, though. (January 2019)
  13. STiFU

    TDM in The News

    We have been mentioned in this little video. The author thought our name was Looking Glass, however. I added an appropriate comment to the video. EDIT: Gonna download the Renegade X Single Player campagin "Black Dawn", which had also been recommended in this video.
  14. @demagogue probably has some input on this issue.
  15. So the thing is, nobody actually knows where all our textures came from. Many definitely came from cgtextures.com, but surely not all of them. The way TDM works is, we simply trust that every texture artist uses base images that are compliant with our licensing.
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