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  1. Apparently, the BitWarden Server stack requires an x86 processor architecture, which means hosting it on a Pi is not possible. I have searched the web for single-board x86 PCs and found the LattePanda, a good alternative to the Pi. It does have quite the price tag, though. However, reading up on BitWarden's security mechanisms, their servers actually seem trustworthy. I am no security expert, but what they are saying is: All data on servers is encrypted using a key derived from your master-password. Encryption is carried out locally on the user-side so that no transmission with critical data can be intercepted Your master-password is salted and one-way-hashed before being transmitted to and stored on the server. This process ensures that the master-password cannot be reverse engineered. In conclusion, even if the server was breached, hackers would only get encrypted data. So, as long as you have a strong master-password, everything should be fine. I'll have to sleep on this, but I think I am just gonna go the easy route for once.
  2. I tested both Bitwarden and KeePass now. The latter is - out of the box - a usability nightmare. You'd have to install tons of thirdparty plugins, to make it useable. Many of them have been discontinued etc. Bitwarden on the other hand is highly polished, integrates well with all common browsers, and the android app also works very good. So next, I will have to test setting up my own server.
  3. I might have to check that out because keeping the passwords localized instead of on a server would be my preferred choice. It's either this, or buying a Pi to setup my own Bitwarden server. I don't understand why you would want to encrypt the database using Vera Crypt. It is encrypted already by KeePass, isn't it?
  4. I recently learned from https://haveibeenpwned.com/ that my login data has been compromised. It is probably outdated, but regardless, it is out there somewhere in the web. Breaches on pupolar websites like Facebook etc. are inevitable. So, as an individual, there is nothing you can do about that, your login data will get compromised eventually. The only thing you can do is, setting up unique passwords for each web-service (and changing them upon breaches), so that an attacker only gains access to one service, instead of all of them. To implement that, you need a photographic memory, or a password manager (PM). Since I am not that smart, I am going for the latter. I have been planning to setup a PM for a long time, but never found the motivation to do so. I guess a compromised login is motivation enough now. In this very good (but German) article, some security concerns of password managers are discussed and recommendations/solutions are provided. Trust: You have to trust the company that they did not install any backdoors in their software / servers, and that it is vulnerability free. Solution: Open-Source Forgetfulness: What happens if you lose your master password? You lose access to all your accounts. Solution: Regularly print out all your passwords. Hackers: A weak masterpassword can be quickly hacked, especially with hirable computational power. This probably only applies to high-value targets like CEOs etc. Recommendation: Do not use cloud-based PMs, but file-based password databases. Cloud: What happens if the PM-host is not reachable or blocked by a certain country? What if the connection is not secure? Solution: Open-Source and file-based password database. After this initial research, I set out to find the ideal password manager. My requirements are: complex password-generation, multi-platform (Android, iOS, Windows), multi-device (cloud-based or file- sync based), ease of use (browser-autofill etc.) and open-source. So far, "Bitwarden" checks most of these requirements. It is cloud-based, but you can optionally host your own server. According to this list on wikipedia, there are actually no real alternaives to Bitwarden. "Mitro" has been continued as "Passopolis", but then discontinued with the recommendation to migrate to Bitwarden. "Password Safe" does not offer android and iOS apps natively. However, there are clones that do, but I don't know about interaction between these clones. So, I guess I will simply use Bitwarden. But before I go ahead and just setup Bitwarden (which will be a lot of work), I wanted to hear from you guys: what PMs do you use and why?
  5. I can't tell you, sorry! By the way, I noticed you cannot preview the tgas from google drive, so I converted them to jpg now, so you can enjoy the images easier.
  6. I am currently replaying Doom 3 because I was in the mood for a nice horror shooter. I have installed the "Absolute HD" mod, which is a combination of Sikkmod and some highres textures. The mod features Parallax occlusion mapping, multiple SSAO algorithms, some nice post effects and soft shadows. The latter are horribly slow depending on scene complexity, so I had to disable them (GTX 1070). The end result looks amazin regardless (especially the HBAO), although there are some graphical glitches every now and then. Here are some screenshots! Apparently the Absolute HD mod also has some gameplay changes, which I did not care for. I wanted pretty much the original gameplay, so it's a good thing, there is also a "Gameplay fix" available for Absolute HD, which reverts most gameplay changes. Lastly, I installed Open AL Soft, which we use in TDM as well by now, to get the nice HRTF 3D audio. This is really amazing in Doom 3!!! I love it!
  7. The dark seem has a bit too high contrast in my oppinion. White bold letters on black background kind of dazzles you.
  8. Indie games. I guess I don't have to say more...
  9. This game is supposed to be the "Last of Us" for the PC as far as story telling and emotional bonding is concerned. I've been excited for this game for quite some time, but didn't find the time to play it, yet.
  10. It's a bit of a bummer that the small status window on the right has disappeared. It was kind of nice for casual conversations for which you don't want to open a whole new thread. When you click on the "Create" Button at the top, you can actually create a status message, but there doesn't seem to be a way of viewing other people's statuses, is there?
  11. Not what you're looking for, but it's a classic... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JH4nZanzCw
  12. Wow, this is quite an old mission. I doubt there are still many around who know this mission by heart, so your best bet will be to just search this thread for the solution. I am sure it's there somewhere. Alternatively, skim the video V-Man posted above.
  13. Funny how that dude picks up a whole heap of junk in just an instance. :-D I am not to thrilled about this genre. I am looking forward to Atomic Heart, though. Chernobyl meets Bioshock.
  14. The code support is already there. The snd_shaders and references to them in tdm_player_thief just have to carry the appropriate suffix. @Jedi_Wannabe: When you're done recording, we'll help you getting those sounds into tdm so you can test them yourself. In idTech4 (TDM's engine), it is possible to specify separate sound files for leadin and for the looping part in your sound shader. Just keep this fact in the back of your head: You could produce a lead-in sound and the actual looping sound. Regarding howto actually produce a loop, I don't really know how it's done, but I assume it works in a similar way as in image processing: Cut your sample in half, swap the order in which these parts play out, cross-fade the parts so you don't notice the cut.
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