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  1. pff... nvm disableing ATI' Catalyst A.I. fixed it... now the question is: what ATI A.I. does anyway?
  2. the sky is moving wherever i look... its moving the way i just move the mouse and i wasnt able to find anything about it on the forums... anyone knows what causes that? this is the only place i heard about a sky bug so its about the ATi cards? i have ATI HD 4650 and dont really know what to do...
  3. ShO2

    2 ideas

    Ehh... my bad... for a second i just asked myself how can i be so lucky... but official campaign or not it doesnt really matter as long as we can have one
  4. ShO2

    2 ideas

    So you mean there will be a campaign? i cant wait! what can you tell us about it? : /
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