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  1. It is so satisfying developing a habit to have an everyday time window for mapping. Waking up early before work just to lay in a "bed" with mouse and keyboard on both sides, lazily adding detail after detail to the map, listening to some ambient rain, storm, wind or blizzard sound to cut off anything around. I wonder if I will manage to finish it for Halloween, but tempo is promising.

    And waking up being excited how I will suprise myself this day is great!

  2. How peculiar, so many decisions motivated by hatred. And you waited literally for years to see someone trip, just so you can dance on their grave? Odd, to say the least.
  3. I think some locks open fast and have 2 in this arg.
  4. Now the frame rate sticks out. Is there a similar process for adding additional frames in between existing ones?
  5. When I try to load your save the mission starts from the beginning, and the script responsible for frobable loot looks appropriate for this particular coin stash. On higher difficulty the same script is activated after you read the hag's note on level 2 - on lower it is activated on map start, and it works fine when I'm playing. Could you crouch onto chest, directly above this stash, and check if maybe it is just related to small frobbox?
  6. What difficulty have you chose, with objective is already fulfilled?
  7. New version! (link in the first post) Some smaller and bigger bugs fixed, but most importantly now player can choose a pocket lantern and/or loot available for harvesting from the start - in the difficulty menu. If anyone want to play the mission as in original version (with bugs fixed) it is now on difficult level. Enjoy!
  8. Are you using saves from earlier mission's version in updated one?
  9. Does it apply for the latest mission update (1.21)? I didn't installed 2.07 hotfix and use win7, don have that problem.
  10. Strange. Anyway, there is a slightly updated download link in the first post (version 1.21).
  11. A compass - you have it in your inventory from the beginning! In newest version the room with breakable ceiling have entrance to the sealed level. The same goes with the second room accessible from the window. I will add small lights to the second map and the shovel.
  12. You need to use the crowbar, and proceed like with lockpicking a door.
  13. One of mission's text files readme.txt file: Version: 1.1
  14. readme.txt file: Version: 1.1 BUILD TIME: about 6 months.this info is literally one line above what you just quote.
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