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  1. We definitely need those assets, could be just new voice set for any AI if not for player character (I think there are two female voice sets at the moment). Remember, as long as the new content appears, we all winning.
  2. This is something we could use as an advertisement, aside of maybe more transparent mission selection page: a grid of big thumbnails, name + very short description. Any picture-based web page layout, like Pinterest, have this attractiveness of picking over in a supermarket. You just rolling forward, not knowing what you want until your eye catch something. And you will forgot what you saw two minutes ago, so there is a replay value in it. There could even be multiple entries for the same mission with different screenshots - you don't know what mission exactly you are picking, you just see a cool image. An interactive gallery of all screenshots from all missions reshuffled - every image with short description of the mission and a hyperlink.
  3. I bought the mic today, it should arrive tomorrow. I actually forgot about your request, but if I manage to get the mic working with good recording quality, I'll try to record those lines. 🙂

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    2. ERH+


      Luckily I will have an extended weekend free from work, and need to look closely at all plot points, try to remake them according to the final shape, get rid of some more outlandish explanations. And there is a lot to explain. :))

    3. Petike the Taffer

      Petike the Taffer

      Excellent. On a sidenote: Should I choose a particular accent for the captain ? I wanted to give him this pseudo-Scottish accent, but if you don't need one, that's fine. 🙂

    4. ERH+


      Sorry for the delay, I had a busy week in work and had no strength to focus on writing. I hope I will make few texts unrelated to the most questionable parts this week.

      I'm focusing more on coherent narrative and believable transitions between plot points, than on accent. I don't have a calm moment to think about it all in big picture, but I have progress lately.


  4. ERH+

    DR VR

    Yes imagine drawing a blueprint with your left leg - that would be as intuitive as doing anything precise with a wii controller. I can't wait.
  5. Also, I can't find elemental's model, so I could modify it - its directory supposed to be models/md5/chars/monsters/elemental/tdm_elemental.md5mesh but I've unpacked all related archives and still don't see it.
  6. And if I want pulsating light I would need something like (time * sintable) but my attempts failed - how it should look like?
  7. I remember from some fm lights that are dimming gradually (not in levels) when switched on and off. Is it a program in the material, or some function of light entity?
  8. I was thinking about creature looking like this from the Tool's "Vicarious" music video" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_TUP2vuaDs Or x-ray vision from Sniper Elite bulletcam.
  9. Can I use two models simultaneously on one AI? I'm thinking about semitransparent human model, plus skeleton model - as both of them are using same bones and animations they should move together nicely, IF I could stack them together (also binding additional models of internal organs).
  10. Is there a way to display atdm:gui_message while a camera is active? I can use a semitransparent screen attached to camera but it requires actual texture for every text block, so message would be much more versatile and easy to modify. 'cinematic' '1' don't work.
  11. What do you mean by positioning the shovel? It ment to be picked up into inventory and Also, is this save/load crash an actual crash, or is loading screen just freeze when you click it and the progress bar is stuck in one place for a long time? If later, I see something in my other mission and it eventually finishes loading. In other instance the game crash when the memory (I assume) still is filled with previous session, but after fresh game start the save works fine - so it may be related to mission file size.
  12. I'm not sure if it changes state to canceled in the very first version of the mission, showed in first walkthrough i've seen. In current version it waits for the endgame cutscene to play and then is checked out. Otherwise the mission would end along with 'heads' objective, before cutscene could even start - in the first version there was no end cutscene.
  13. Yes it wasn't designed with the story in mind - I've made a keep and swamp first, then started thinking what could be happening and what could be achieved by the player. I had vague horror clichés in mind as I wanted to make "just a Halloween mission", so story (based on the Peruvian folktale "snake lover") is cramped between existing architecture and objectives mechanics, more as an afterthought than starting point. With many things already in place I was thinking about restricting player's movement and push him through a rat maze, or aim for mood of foggy desert and risk to make it boring. After all it gave me an idea for making few gameplay styles on the same map by incorporating difficulty levels in different way. Every level would be a story of e.g. different character: one is a thief, one is an assassin, and yet another is a detective. All would take place on the same map with most of elements shared, but objectives would draw the story from different perspectives. I'm thinking about using self drawing map for detective's blackboard with trees of clues, suspects, evidences appearing as the player finds muddy footprints, wax stains, ink imprints, etc. I'm thinking here about flash games like The Scene Of Crime or Rizzoli and Isles - Thief is about looking for small objects, and I want to give some twist to it.
  14. It is so satisfying developing a habit to have an everyday time window for mapping. Waking up early before work just to lay in a "bed" with mouse and keyboard on both sides, lazily adding detail after detail to the map, listening to some ambient rain, storm, wind or blizzard sound to cut off anything around. I wonder if I will manage to finish it for Halloween, but tempo is promising.

    And waking up being excited how I will suprise myself this day is great!

  15. How peculiar, so many decisions motivated by hatred. And you waited literally for years to see someone trip, just so you can dance on their grave? Odd, to say the least.
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