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  1. Given that we don't even have the manpower to get the updated werebeast working well enough to release, who are you expecting to "do some different fantasy humanoids"?
  2. The term "werebeast" implies that it's a shapeshifter. I don't know if that's in the wiki or not, but I know my original intent when I added them was that they were some type of lycanthrope. They're not a race and wouldn't have their own culture, though pagan tribes may look on them favourably (shamans or druids might learn to shapechange into beasts).
  3. There's a massive difference between the lines needed for the PC (mostly grunts) and the lines needed for an NPC (500+ lines of dialogue). Frankly, the necessary vocals for a female PC could probably be gathered from the three existing female NPCs. What is harder to accomplish is replacing the player hands with female versions.
  4. She pops in on discord from time to time.
  5. I think it's fairly obvious to anyone who has been here a while that the community is smaller than it used to be. Video games tend to have a short shelf-life. Ten years for a fan project is pretty impressive, really.
  6. It's not really a money issue, it's more of a manpower issue.
  7. Did the game get darker recently? I'm unaware of any history of complaints of greenish color noise caused by the game being too dark. Ambient brightness isn't necessarily safe. It depends how bright the mapper chooses to make it. The ambient brightness of an outdoor, moonlit scene might be significantly different than that of a deep cave. The difference between being totally invisible and being able to be seen by AI a few feet away can be fairly subtle.
  8. So the intended effect is for things to change brightness when you turn your head? Given that so much of the game revolves around being able to identify dark/light areas, I'm not sold on that as a good idea.
  9. There's nothing special about caulk in regards to visportals--any worldspawn brushes will do. Sound cannot travel through worldspawn brushes, regardless of type. It does travel through open visportals. I'm pretty sure I have something about sound propogation in my New Mappers tutorial series, though I can't check where atm.
  10. Visportals have to touch non-transparent worldspawn. I typically filter out all entities when working on visportals. (ninja'd)
  11. I used the script in A New Job in more than one place, if you're looking for a reference. Haven't noticed if anything is broken in 2.07.
  12. It's more likely to succeed if one person takes on responsibility for it.
  13. Who is going to be responsible for putting together press releases and sending them to these sites?
  14. It's not just textures, it's also models, sounds, maps, animations, dialogue, and particle effects. Even just putting together a list of all the necessary artists to contact would be futile, let alone actually making contact with them and getting them to support changing the license. This is a non-starter.
  15. The scream AI make when killed propogates to nearby AI. I don't recall if sleeping AI make that scream though.
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