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  1. Any AI can become a lute player by def_attaching the appropriate lute entity. Someone even posted a skeleton lute player a while back. So there are as many skins as you like. There is currently no easy way for a lute player to resume playing. I assume it would take some significant scripting to make this work. This is easy enough. You can set a spawnarg on the lute entity that determines at what alert level the AI will drop it. (I think default is 3) To make the music stop, I would use an invisible objective "Do not alert AI X" and have it turn the lute speaker off.
  2. If I were doing this, I would just teleport Node 2 to Node 3 (or some other appropriate location) when the player "acts".
  3. Oh, okay, status updates just show up in the activity feed like regular posts, except that you can reply to them right from there. Yeah, I prefer the old method, but I have no idea how to set things up that way.
  4. Testing status updates.

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      Oh, and apparently you can like status updates and comments too. Cool.

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      You can also report status updates! :D

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  5. Where? I only see options to view posts.
  6. I can't find any option to adjust forum likes. I did turn status updates on, but I'm not sure where they appear now. Still figuring out this new system.
  7. You can still download the missions from within the game itself.
  8. It would be more efficient to make the lights themselves not cast shadows, if that is necessary. AI already use simplified shadowmeshes and LOD, so you're not likely to gain a whole lot of extra performance, and the visual impact of guards not casting shadows is high--they look like they're floating, for starters, and the player doesn't get to use an oncoming shadow to judge when the AI is coming around a corner.
  9. Yes, you would have to make your own copy of the def_attached entity, add noshadows to it, and change the AI entity to use that entity instead. You'll need to do that for heads and weapons, at a minimum, and occasionally pauldrons and helmets as well. Ooc, why would you want AI to not cast shadows?
  10. You can zoom in and rotate the image in the character window, in case you weren't aware.
  11. I've been doing a lot of fantasy illustrations lately, and just finished a piece that seemed appropriate to share with the forum...it's a slightly more medieval take on TDM's citywatch. I'm currently selling stock illustrations on DriveThruRPG, so if you know anyone producing fantasy material who is looking for illustrations, the stock art there is a really great resource. My page is here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/14731/Mindplaces
  12. Nothing in there explains what this has to do with the justice system or Microsoft, but setting that aside.... You're talking (as is the media in general) as if every border patrol agent was in that group posting racist material. A few important questions: 1. How many people were posting offensive material? Was it less than 50%? Less than 10%? Less than 0.1%? 2. How "offensive" is the offensive material? Are we talking about threats of violence? Doxxing? Harassment of individuals? Racial slurs? Or is it just insensitive comments and childish name-calling? 3. How frequently was offensive material posted? How was it dealt with? Without knowing those details, you can't make any useful judgement about that site. It could be every member of the group was a card-carrying Nazi planning the extermination of asylum-seekers en masse, or it could be that the group had little moderation and was taken over by a dozen anonymous shit-posters and everyone else abandoned it.
  13. You seem to be all over the place here. What do examples of shitposting on a social media group with thousands of border patrol members have to do with the subject of "racism in justice", let alone the race of Microsoft CEOs?
  14. Whether they have the right or not depends entirely on what you agreed to when you bought it. I suspect they DO have the right to take it away, or there would be lawsuits over it. You can make lots of valid criticisms of the business model, but the only thing that will make it change is if people stop supporting it. I don't see how pointing out the race of people you don't like falls under any definition of "political satire" I'm aware of. As for the study you linked, using it to demonstrate "racial bias" is exactly contrary to what the authors of the study themselves said: "the commission said its report “should be interpreted with caution and should not be taken to suggest discrimination” " https://www.vox.com/identities/2017/11/17/16668770/us-sentencing-commission-race-booker Also, I suspect you threw out "very white" without even bothering to check who the head of Microsoft was. The current CEO is Satya Nadella, an Indian American.
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