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  1. I haven't used the objective editor in a long time, but you can use it to trigger entities once an objective is complete--just trigger a speaker from that objective.
  2. The model scaler is relatively new--I think from the most recent DR version--which is probably why there isn't much documentation about it.
  3. That's an error I've never seen before. Try making a new map that just has a single brush in it, and see if there are any problems dmapping that. That will help rule out a path problem.
  4. The first mission in No Honour Among Thieves has a fair amount of rope arrow use and some monster types.
  5. TDM AI do take falling damage, though it doesn't always seem like they take as much as they should. They will drown if you throw them in water.
  6. The missions involved were offered up for adoption over a year ago after languishing for years in limbo before that.
  7. Much better, thanks!
  8. 1. There are currently no plans to add body awareness to TDM. Some people like the idea and some people don't, but even if everyone was on board, it would be very difficult to do--generally speaking, the more freedom of movement the player has, the more animation work is necessary to include believable body awareness. 2. There are already a few campaigns, although I think only one (No Honour Among Thieves) is actually bundled together. Using Thief missions would of course be a copyright infringement.
  9. I can attest to this also. It takes a surprising amount of effort to figure out someone else's map.
  10. The only time the default head is not used is if the mapper changes it manually. There is no randomness involved.
  11. It's something you should probably leave until near the end of your mapping process. By the time you get there, you'll have a better handle on what some of those things mean, or someone will be willing to help you out.
  12. You would need to find the clothing texture and make your own version, make a material file for it, and then make skin swapping the two materials. Not trivial if you're not familiar with those steps.
  13. There is a fog particle that creates a fog hovering on the ground. Don't recall the name of it though.
  14. I covered that in one of the early videos...I would definitely recommend going through New Mapper's Workshop tutorial series if you haven't already (link below).
  15. Best advice is to make any angled brushwork into func_statics, and use regular prism brushes for sealing brushwork.
  16. Yes they would. However, if a plumber joined the forum and posted a lengthy post about ancient sewers and how sewers you could walk through were completely unrealistic and there were an unholy amount of poorly-created sewers in TDM missions, and that his goal was to do away with such sewers in future TDM missions because it was important for mappers to make their sewers "grounded in actual reality" so that players didn't mistakenly assume they were historical....he'd probably face the same kind of response you're getting.
  17. They might be better and more interesting for you, in the same way an architect might find missions that have ultra-realistic ceiling supports "better" and a plumber might find ultra-realistic pipes "better". The vast majority of people wouldn't notice or care about those details, so the mission isn't actually any better for most people. The reason you might be getting some pushback is because it sounds a lot like you're trying to tell everyone that they should care about the same thing you care about, as opposed to dozens of other issues they could (and maybe already do) care about.
  18. You can create a light, use the light colour selector to get the colour you want, and then just copy the color values to your candle.
  19. Sliding down a chain doesn't strike me as very realistic, but I think you're right that the rules allow it.
  20. I think the only materials needed would be metal ladder, wooden ladder, rope, and foliage. Our thief model has leather gloves (at least on the palms). I'm not sure how the sound would be played...presumably a loop that starts and stops by code, which could make things more difficult.
  21. Assuming it's his own work or work he has permission to use, I can't think of any reason it wouldn't be.
  22. Pimping your own work while pretending to be someone else is cute and all, but making new accounts to get around a ban is obviously not permitted.
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