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  1. Assuming it's his own work or work he has permission to use, I can't think of any reason it wouldn't be.
  2. Pimping your own work while pretending to be someone else is cute and all, but making new accounts to get around a ban is obviously not permitted.
  3. Given the game has been out for a decade now, I'm having a hard time making sense of that argument.
  4. You could make the same argument about the game's use of steam power or electricity. They're not used in ways that are realistic or historically accurate, but to evoke a particular mood. Torches serve the same purpose.
  5. I would think anyone worried about the historical accuracy of TDM would find dozens of things more egregious than the overuse of torches.
  6. I don't think this feature will let AI see through transparent textures; it's just for shadowcasting.
  7. http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4986
  8. Someone will need to write up an explanation of what needs to be done to get them to work. I had no idea they were already available.
  9. I preferred the previous comparison...in this one I agree I can't see much difference at all.
  10. This place has been drama-free for a few months now, and I'd like to keep it that way. Snarky comments are one thing (likely to be met in kind), but personal attacks are specifically against the rules.
  11. Yes, the two are set separately.
  12. Realistically, yes, but the code doesn't track different kinds of wood. If we were redesigning the footstep sounds from scratch, tile would be the quietest and old wood and gravel the loudest.
  13. Wood is louder to AI than stone in TDM (I think stone is the quietest of the hard surfaces).
  14. I don't know if that's the cause of your issue, but yes, there is a sound like that and for some reason it got turned on by default for some people in 2.07. I forget what the cvar is to turn it off at the moment, but do a search for "sound" related posts over the last few months and you should find it.
  15. I'll record my objection to any kind of meta-alarm that tells the player whether they have been spotted or not. If the player is being lit up to "almost full brightness" without an obvious light source, that is a map issue that should be corrected. Also, if a guard can get to you in a second or two but you couldn't hear his vocal barks, that also suggests a bug of some kind.
  16. Doing the test near a door is going to give skewed results, as the door-handling routine is likely to make the AI lose track of you.
  17. I had a couple thoughts. The nearly blind/deaf options were called that because they seemed accurately descriptive. At the time (though perhaps not any more) if you set the AI to those levels you really didn't have to worry about hiding at all. Relaxed AI would not hear you unless you were on the noisiest surfaces, and you could stand right in front of them while evoking only a, "Did I see something?" response. I remember testing the settings and I could run right down a wooden hallway all the way up to a standing guard and KO him without him being alerted enough to even turn around. To me that's "Nearly deaf". Could casual players find those titles insulting? I suppose they could. I'm not sure TDM has ever been a game for casual players, to be honest. But if people want to change the names, I'm fine with it. I wouldn't reuse the same names to mean different things though. If "Forgiving" is moved to the lowest difficulty, then it's confusing for people who were currently playing on "Forgiving". As for the actual times, I find it hard to judge what is acceptable in the abstract. I can't imagine how much faster 3 seconds feels than 4 or 5. In general, I think the differences between the 4 difficulty levels should be significant, and not just 1 second's worth of difference between them, but without being able to test in-game it's hard to say what's best. I was pretty happy with what we had before when the system was working as intended.
  18. I think the behaviour that makes the most sense would be for the AI to stare at the player, turning his head to track but not stopping if he is patrolling out of view. If the player remains in the AI's POV, the AI's alert counter will tick up until he starts walking towards the player, and then eventually running once he realizes you are an enemy (which would be when he hits alert level 3, I image) Depending on how complicated we want to make it, an AI who is already alerted to an intruder should perhaps act to keep the player in his POV, which would mean stopping if he was otherwise going to walk out of view.
  19. The amount of slowdown depends a lot on the quality settings of the soft shadows as well.
  20. Yes, alert 5 means the AI can currently see you, which means they are attacking or attempting to close on you.
  21. It makes the sword pretty pointless if you can just hit an AI in the face with your blackjack and knock them out in one hit even during combat. That was written before TDM was even released, and well before grayman's work, so I highly doubt it's still accurate.
  22. In the first video, your lightgem is brightly lit by 0:17. The guard doesn't draw his weapon until 0:20, and it's another second or so before he begins running in your direction. So that's at least 4 seconds of grace time. That seems perfectly reasonable for a guard who is alert. Now, since that guard isn't alert, you might have an argument for increasing the delay; how many seconds would you want to see? Neither guard becomes "blackjack immune" in those videos.
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