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  1. While throwing objects at AI can do some small amounts of damage, the code is not supposed to let it kill AI. And I've never heard of simply bumping held objects into AI doing damage. How much control do we have over the damage movable objects do to other movable entities? If we could make some kind of threshold value that has to be done in one shot to activate the powderkeg, we could avoid the issue of small damage building up.
  2. 1. I don't think so. They will react automatically to the sound of it exploding. Having them run before that happens would require extra coding work, and reduces the point of setting them off in the first place (presumably players will want to use them to try to kill AI). 2. AI don't kick movables, they just walk into them, which shouldn't cause any damage. Presumably the kegs will be too heavy to go flying after contact with an AI. Given that there will be considerable noise and damage from a keg exploding, I think we should make sure they are designed in a way that makes them not likely to go off accidentally. We don't want AI setting them off when the player isn't around, potentially alerting half the map or failing no-kill objectives.
  3. Sure. I can check to see if it's the same problem. Can't really tell from screeshots.
  4. Given that this scam has been around for a while and there aren't lots of people from the forum reporting this, it probably isn't coming from here.
  5. I got an email last night with my real name and the forum password in the subject header. It was a blackmail email claiming to have compromising videos that would be released if I didn't pay bitcoin. I checked where the message came from and it traveled through the thedarkmod.com domain. I have heard from at least one other person with a forum account that they got a similar email. That, and the fact that I don't use my forum password in very many other places leads me to believe that Wordpress or the forum may have been hacked somehow. Obviously, if you receive an email like this, don't respond to it. I suspect it's automated, but if you use the same login info here that you do on important sites, you may want to change it on those sites. I'm not sure whether changing your password on the forums is a good idea yet or not. I've contacted taaaki about it. If you did or do get such an email, please let us know here.
  6. I don't think a blackjack should do it...that's meant to be a cushioned blow. Hmm, that might be reasonable, though it could affect crushing damage.
  7. If it's going to be exploding and causing damage, we don't want it to be too sensitive. Just throwing a bottle or loaf of bread shouldn't do it. Hitting it with an arrow or sword, setting it on fire, or dropping or throwing it should set it off.
  8. There's no reason for there to be a hammer in the inventor's guild logo, and including one just makes it more difficult to tell them apart. Otherwise they're quite good.
  9. Wait a minute. Doesn't Kingsal have working powder kegs in Volta 2?
  10. "idDebris" used the following spawnargs related to movement: "velocity" "100 100 00" // how fast the projectile leaves the gun (or distance if fuse is 0) "random_velocity" "1" "angular_velocity" "1 -1 1" // how the projectile is rotating when it leaves the gun "thrust" "50" // the rate of acceleration (always in the direction of the projectiles model) "thrust_start" "50" // when to start accelerating "thrust_end" "0" // when to stop accelerating "linear_friction" "0.8" // "air" friction "angular_friction" "1.1" "contact_friction" "0.9" "bounce" "0.1" // how much speed a projectile retains when it bounces off of objects (coefficient of restitution). 0 means no bounce. "mass" "4" "gravity" "266" // how much gravity affects the trajectory. gravity direction is same as the entity that fired it. However, broken arrow pieces do not use any of those spwanargs...I can't tell what's giving them any impulse. They're just regular movable entities. edit: Ah, maybe it's this line on atdm:result_arrow_broadhead: "velocity_xfer_dud" "0.8" // fraction of velocity to transfer to spawned object/s We already have a bottle model and two broken pieces. I don't think you'd want any other actual models, but a glass fragment particle effect would be nice.
  11. That would be how I'd try it, with a debris entitydef that has a S/R attached. Do they have impulses set? I've never looked into it. It's possible the required id spawnclasses didn't make the move over when we went standalone.
  12. If anyone wants to play around more with this idea, this is as far as I got a while ago: I don't remember how much was working. Doesn't look like any damage def was attached yet.
  13. The ability to span flinders and particle effects when objects break is already coded, presumably you could spawn S/R effects as well. It's an area I've only glanced at a few times.
  14. Reaching deep into the dark recesses of memory, I think this is related to dropping frames...the card is supposed to be destroyed on a specific frame, and if that frame is skipped then it can cause a backup. I don't know what's causing the frames to drop in this case though.
  15. I haven't seen it, but as a shot in the dark, do you have uncapped FPS on?
  16. That roof is awesome and roof modules are something we badly need. Can I assume there's no objections to putting these in the core mod?
  17. Artistic design-by-consensus is kind of a doomed enterprise. But since you're looking for feedback... The combination wrench looks awfully modern to me. Using the hammer and gear together draws direct comparisons with Builder iconography, which isn't really desirable. The blueprint reminds me strongly of a Torah scroll, and I don't know if having it be actually blue makes sense in the setting. The Inventors are the mad scientists of the TDM setting. I think you should stick to images like clock hands, flasks, fancy clock gears, etc. And fewer symbols overall so it's less busy. Something more like these: https://fbcd.co/product-lg/6995e425220a8ec8108a5fea18f64274_resize.jpg https://betafishmag.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/steampunk-spectacle-logo-small.jpg?w=600
  18. Breaking the glass would need to destroy the frob-blocker permanently (so it doesn't activate again if the door is shut). I've never actually worked with broken glass before though. Maybe have the glass be frobbable so it captures the frobtrace? Although that won't work if it's a mix of glass and other materials.
  19. Yes, fading, as opposed to popping, would be great for LOD, if such a thing were possible.
  20. He leaned to the side and fell off a tall beam.
  21. I thought I'd seen something like the stonemason's logo used somewhere, which would be fitting. The gear is already used by the Builders, so I wouldn't also use it for the IG. http://www.cuttingedge.org/Masonic_Emblem_Seattle.gif
  22. It shouldn't be too hard to remove those stages from materials...just a search/replace for each file. It's an issue we'll have to solve one way or another though, as it's fairly common for missions to have their own textures, many of which need to have the frob stage.
  23. I've done some experiments with trying to recreate them. I ran into a roadbump but I can't recall what it was now.
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