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Found 5385 results

  1. Guest

    Forum Error

    Hi, I am registed, was logged in (it said I was) and tried to post a message, but got this message. "Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: "Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum Useful Links · Forgotten Password Recovery · Register a new account · Our help documentation · Contact the forums administrator" I have never been able to post when logged in, I have to logout to guest post. Could someone fix this please? I have registered, and was logged in. Doesn't make sense, if as a guest I can start a topic, but not as a logged in user. Fix this please...
  2. You should try to make them match up as much as possible for obvious repeated actions like walks, runs, attacks etc One thing about doom animations is that they aren't basic 'run on the spot' cycle loops like most games. A walk cycle can be several strides and actually moves forward along the ground. YOu can get a plugin from the doomworld forums to import the original doom charcater animations into max to study them.
  3. Hey guys- Here's something that we all wish we would have seen over at the Ion Storm Forums..... First of all, a semi-tribute....
  4. kfmccall


    Hey guys, sorry I've been so latent on the forums lately, but I'm having trouble finding time to work on the mod since cross-country has started up. I don't get home until 6 pm, and after a shower, dinner, and a few hours of homework, I can't find time to work on concepts. I will try to do as much work as possible on the weekends (and during school lectures), but I just wanted to inform the team of my situation and explain my absence. I'm sorry about this inconvenience. Regards, Kevin M.
  5. New Horizon said this on one of the Dev forums: This therefore means that Ion Storm IS closing down. It all so means 2 other things (possibly): 1: No Thief 3 Editor 2: and now it's up to us to keep the spirit of Thief going. I personally would've liked to see a Thief3 Editor too, but it looks like that's impossible now. --Dram
  6. I'm not sure. You could ask him in the concerned thread on our forums. This is just a starting point, since our music guys are nuts and crank out entire tunes just to test things out. I doubt this will be the final version that makes it into the game -- or even if it makes it into the game at all. And no offense taken -- thanks for your candour! You hit the nail on the head -- this low-key tune (or something similar) will probably end up in the main menu or credits. We're going to keep the in-game music closer to our chests, since we don't want recognition of a song to ruin game immersion. I'm afraid I can't take credit for that tune -- it's the product of Tawan. Given that our game will follow a story arc in a loose, open-ended fashion, we're going to have a broad variety of musical styles. We'll probably end up slotting a musician for each chapter, to keep musical/audio consistency within each chapter. Thanks for all the comments everyone! -Glee ------------------------ PS. Check out "Tawan - Loner" at http://www.ctgmusic.com/charts.php =)
  7. that's the problem: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=653&st=125 http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=8731 here's everything important - the commode as obj and as lwo + diffusemap: http://www.thedarkmod.de/darkmod_files/commode.rar
  8. Darkness_Falls


    Coolness. I like. Would it be hard for you to do a quick mock-up of the hammers having the handle switched around so that the current bottom side of the handle becomes the top? Keep the head in the same place, just rotate the handle around I guess that would be 180-degrees. I'm curious to see how that would change the look. In my mind it seems like would look even sweeter, but want to see it. I'd like to see him holding them in a view similar to your first view (http://forums.thedarkmod.com/uploads/post-5-1107635579.jpg) for comparison. As for the upside down hammer necklace, I like that. The weight of the necklace is at the bottom, somewhat symbolic of (and visually complimentary to) the weight of the hammers. The other way looks too much like a cross, which gets overdone. But I don't know the backstory of this guy to know if he's supposed to be "pro-builder"? If he's pro-builder, than an upside down hammer wouldn't be advisable; we'd want to come up with a different design if that's the case.
  9. Guest

    Doom3world Hacked Again

    D3W was hacked only once - this is far from 'so often'. The thing is, it stayed hacked for, I don't know, almost two weeks, because BNA was away on a business trip. At first they added some reloading script to the site and changed the header, but it was kinda possible to get around that, then they changed something more and redirected the site altogether in a way you couldn't bypass. When that happened, one of the admins locked down the site to prevent further damage, and when BNA got back, he fixed things, upgraded php/phpbb, and reopened the forums. Like I said, although this lasted for quite a while because BNA was away, this was only one hack.. and in a period that several phpbb sites were hacked with mass-exploiting scripts. This was no board/engine war of any kind, and while it made people sad because they couldn't access the board (me included), we knew it was only temporary.
  10. I just got DOOM3, so instead of playing it, I went out and checked what kind of stuff there is out there for the game. Now of course I knew about The Dark Mod before, you can find 2 of my posts here, as a guest, but I have been watching this project for a few month now, began visiting the site about 2 month or so after the Thief 2D project was promoted through the TTLG forums (ya I know I got weird ways of orientation in time). Anyhow I got DOOM3 for 2 reasons, (1) This mod, and SScar, even though it now looks as if it is going through some rough times(hope SScar team will make it through to finish the project), and (2) to maybe start learning how to mod. I was always a "Quest" game fan, games like Monkey Island, or the more recent The Longest Journey. And so today while watching stuff to get inspired with for something I might try do make after getting through the basics, I found this really cool thing, it had lots of "Interaction Points" of various types, I began thinking about MYST, a game I have never played, but just seen a few video reviews, and screens. So anyhow, after seeing what can be done with the engine, I decided to try and map my first room. As someone who's most "codeing" was making a +/- calculator in Flash ActionScript, and work with 3D environments was about nothing (tried looking at the DeusEx unreal 1.0 based MODing tools, but it was to much for me, to much stuff to remember...), I expected it would take me some time to make my first "map". but it was not so, I was able to make my first room in less then 20 minutes, using a video tutorial form Trepaning.com, and when I got an error during BSP it was so well laid out in the console window, in such nice human like syntax, I was able to understand my error and fix it. I am now pretty sure I was right when I was saying you should stick to TDE when I posted a week ago. Especially after seeing what can be done with it, apart from the DOOM3 Demo. As always I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my poor English, I used a word processor this time, so I hope I don’t have many mistakes. If you believe a mistake of mine stands out to much, and makes it hard for you to read my posts, please point it out, preferably in a PM. (this kind of thing happens a lot when you chat with people with Masters in all kinds of languages, so I am just being careful as it happens too me a lot)
  11. I got a question. Is there a tutorial that explains how to add textures to a texture pack? I searched the entire Doom3World.org texture forums, but didn’t find any.
  12. actually, T2X board is tiny and the Hammerite Imperium forums are really quiet compared to this.
  13. You guys should totally add the Sword Gattsu uses in this anime 'Berserk'. I wonder if your thief can bypass a doorway with that... (Great anime btw.) Edit: added a better picture oh, and can't bother to start a new topic: can we get a direct link to these forums? It always throws me in to the Dark Mod page when refreshed. Pretty Please~~!
  14. The thievery community has heard (EDIT2:http://forums.blackcatgames.com/showthread.php?t=5086), but the last time I went there was a while. Also, it was made for mainly personal use and anyone wanting it is free to use it/change it/etc, not that I care. Just that since I changed so much, a lot of people here wanted those kind of changes so I thought, hey waht the hell, and so that's why you hear about it. Don't worry, it's not like I'm against the Thievery community anyway (I play Thievery very often, though not lately), so yeah. BTW, when I made it, it was made to balance a 1-on-1 thief vs guard LAN-Play with my bro, so there is no good balance in multiplayer. EDIT: Yeah, I know that the sounds are copyrighted (probably), but it just isn't the same without them . I am not trying to be illegal anyway . Just wanted to share the spoils --Dram
  15. Actually Dennis Nixon (DenTheef), Modetwo just supplies the lovely forums. It's due to both of them that we're still here!
  16. Not sure, I've never come up accross that particular problem. Might be best to visit http://ttlg.com/forums and check the FAQ. If someone else has experienced the problem, it's likely there.
  17. That's a cool take on them, Saxmeister. With them floating, they can gracefully float in or out of a scene. Gives them a sort of "heir apparence" to them. I suck with cliches, so I have no clue if that's the right one You know what I'm trying to say, ROFL. EDIT: Dude, just went over to the TTLG forums and someone wrote something about an "air of mystery." Heh. Please toss this cliche into my above description also. Thank you very much.
  18. Hippo

    New To Thief.

    I couldn't give a damn about hockey. I haven't never really been keen on any sports. Yes, call me a nerd. I've no life. Maybe that's why I'm writing on these forums.
  19. Okay, since it hasn't been done yet, I'll kick it off. First let me say, I assume this thread is to contain requests out of the ordinary, as stated by sparhawk at the TTLG forums: QUOTE I'm not talking of the standard features like buttons, switches, or similar stuff. Rather I'm thinking of things you might have wanted to implement in an FM but you couldn't because of limitations in the engine or in DromEd as opposed to the obvious, like rope arrows, swimming, etc. So here's a few ideas just to get things going. -random treasure spawns. An author would place a piece of optional treasure, and set a percentage chance that it will appear or not. -optional path nodes (although I think this might already be possible with Dromed). The AI can choose to ignore a node or go on a different, separate path altogether. -AI actions similar to NOLF2. I never played the game myself, but I'd heard they do things that are unexpected, at unexpected times. Many times I've played Thief and thought to myself, "why is that cook just pacing back and forth?" Clearly for gameplay, NOT realism. "Why would a guy just be standing here in a dark room, facing the wall, then turn to the fireplace, back to the wall, back to fireplace, etc?" Again, gameplay, not realism. I'd heard that in NOLF2, AI will often kick a can around, or fidget (already in Thief), or even leave patrol to go to the restroom. That sounds like a fantastic addition that might really lend some tension to the overall experience. -AI ladder climbing. Touchy subject, that, as it eliminates some safety and comfort in the game, but probably a good addition. Okay, there's a few for now. What ideas would you suggest?
  20. TYROT

    New To Thief.

    dear Kris ! HEY i just noticed ...Thanks for stopping by...I dont know what to say.. I m about to finish that Lost souls.. status report to Phobos Mod from the DARK mod forums...But HEY accept me as i am.....I have three sides in my brain. 1-Thief side... the DARK MOD 2-Sci Fi side...Phobos MOD..(Im the only guy here actually fell in love with DOOM3) 3-........side... .......... MOD... Wait for 31 th of JAN. Finger! calm down..i cant help it!.. i have to make a teaser every month otherwise Life is becoming BORING and DULL.. Kris I am definetly so happy that you loved the thief...Every thief player acting like a evangelist and spreading the word of thief... so ... it s your turn...GO outside and find a stranger....Tell him to play THIEF if he doesnt ..Push him..if he still doesnt care...you know the first rule of Fight club.......IF you cant reach Tyler Durden...call garrett ...he must be in that particular room in T3 and waiting for help..SO..remember we do not have names...we are not snowflakes...(*)... BEST (*) mixture...(**) (**) in case you dont realize... (*) see i have created a DEEP NOTE WARP
  21. Fingernail


    We sorted a lot of stuff out, reorganised the forums, set clearer targets, but I think the big step was assigning department heads. We'd be nowhere without delegation, and at the very beginning it was just me trying to coordinate the whole thing.
  22. BlackThief


    actually I was just too lazy to change dave's wallpaper edit: oh and before I forget: as you can see your painting-model is rather small ingame, Oddity. we could use some bigger versions as well. and I noticed a little uv-mapping mistake on the edge - nothing important though. @ dave such areas are great, but I think we should really start to try to make some bigger maps for playtesting (performance etc) now. If you need inspiration check out the mansion reference thread http://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?showtopic=1038
  23. Quote: ---------------------------------------------- Thief 1 and 2 are still the greatest games in the world... but sneaking past AI will never be as intense, difficult, or fun as sneaking past people. The thievery formula is probably one of the best multiplayer thief formula's out there. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than most people give it credit for. They should try it. ---------------------------------------------- you should try my mod . (lockpicking that ai can hear which is also gui, as in it is on screen, not the normal thievery way. Moving the slightest bit lights you up to 20%, and walking or running to 40%[this the ai can see easy] and when walking or running, the player model becomes unlit [cos i put in silhouette mode, making it hard to hide in those annoying tiny shadows but the shadows in every map are tuned automatically at start to be REAL dark]. Basically, it makes the game super-intense [even against the ai]. LOL, I have'nt even passed my version of Bourgeois ) BTW, SE, I heard the nightblade torches couldnt be taken out on the forums cos of lighting problems (theyre apparently not dynamic). Quote: ----------------------------------------------- If we ever do a multiplayer I would prefer it to be like a normal Thief map. One thief and the other players are taking over what would be the AI. ----------------------------------------------- Sparhawk, I agree with you on that
  24. When that happens, I think I'll throw in the towel too. I vowed never to, but if even the biggest modding Doom 3 forum kicks the bucket, I don't think there's any more point in me modding I really don't think so though, cos BNA himself is a modder, and theres still a lot of activity going on (even id developer Brian Harris visits that place from time to time) Sure wish someone would go hack the HL2 forums though. Time to teach them a lesson or something
  25. oDDity

    Charles Babbage

    I'm often surprised by how much of a guilt complex some young Germans have about the Nazis. There was a German guy on the ISA forums who was almost grovelling to be forgiven, even though his grandfather opposed the nazis and helped jews escape. I can't imagine what must be in the minds of those who's grandfathers were actually nazis or gestapo officers and were responsible for murdering 1000 people or something. Of course it's nothing to do with them, but they can hardly ignore it either.
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