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Need some help if anyone can %)

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Thanks for answer.

Decide to remove my message.


Idea is not unique, it consist of simple parts, that can be found in many products


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First, I'd edit your post to remove your business idea, you don't need to reveal it for this purpose.


Second, I'd probably hire an attorney to act as your agent and collect funds in escrow. They'll also obviously need to be funded to pay any potential business licensing costs, but they'll already have infrastructure in place to handle things (like escrow accounts or existing contracts with escrow services). Obviously you'll wish to find one comfortable with managing accounts at these online services that you can easily communicate with. Preferably even one fluent in your native language.


Unfortunately, like anything, it costs money to make money. Legal fees in the United States are pretty hefty, but regulations offer significant protection for clients. However note, it's not necessarily apparent to those of other countries, different States within the United States have different laws. This is why many corporations are formed in Delaware. An attorney is only licensed to practice within the state of which they have passed the bar exam. So I would probably look closely at the contract for Amazon or Kickstarter, and perhaps consider an attorney that is licensed within their specified State of operation (where they say conflict resolution or remediation would take place were there a dispute).


Also, in my view, most in the United States are not prepared to deal with foreign countries as much as smaller countries. The U.S. is huge in comparison to Canada or the Netherlands (heck, California alone has more people than all of Canada), most only do business with each other, while many in Canada are used to doing business with U.S. entities regularly, and I imagine plenty of transactions dealt with regularly in the Netherlands are of foreign nature.


Actually, best might be finding a business person local to you who has some interaction overseas, who might be able to expand to facilitate your process. That way also there's less likelihood of problems, since their reputation with a fellow countryman would be on the line as well. Similarly, know anyone with family in those places?


Are there organizations to promote new businesses or entrepreneurial start-ups who might have/provide resources? (In the U.S. there's something called the Small Business Administration.) Back when I was starting various businesses, an organization associated with them, of retired businessmen volunteered their time to provide valuable insights and wisdom to me.

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