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Schemer character vocals

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No work yet. I am completely burned out and fed up with my work, so I am not even pressuring Yandros ATM. It will have to come later.

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I'd be happy to try, it's easy to change a voice so it fits a particular pitch. Do you have any ideas on accent? Schemers are stereotypically

jewish, though I think that would be a bad choice. If you can decide on an accent, then I can have a go at it, if you don't like it I wouldn't be

offended. I think it's a great character for the game, and we need the right voice for it. As I said, happy to try some samples, different

voices, but would need some direction from someone who knows how to direct a voice. I'd need a script though.


Best thing with things like this is hear a range of voices and choose what you think is best for the part.

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