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Greetings Everyone!


I wanted to start this thread on behalf of the DarkMod team to help keep our guests informed on our progress; to let them know there's DarkMod life in the project even when it may seem there is none -- and to keep them updated as such.


There won't be a set schedule as to when this thread will be updated, but maybe check back from time to time. Anyone can post here and I'm sure you'll hear from other team members here in the future.


Although many visitors might already have http://www.mindplaces.com/darkmod/index.htm bookmarked to see updates on screenshots and concept artwork, etc., some don't have it bookmarked and may not know about it. Other forums actually point to our site here and I figured there might be some benefit to providing occasional updates here via this forum, too.


As an update for our guests out there, I can say that I've seen a LOT of activity from our team members behind-the-scenes on this DarkMod project. There are many discussions going on and a lot of concepts being worked on. As a team member with a primary focus on artwork, I've personally created a few concept drawings and have seen fellow artists showcase some very nice concepts. Our programmers, 3-D modellers, audio experts, etc. are also very active in these early stages of the project.


I want to assure our guests that there's a lot of DarkMod life behind-the-scenes that you might not otherwise see from the outside.


We have a long road ahead of us, but we have an enthusiastic group working on this and I'm confident you'll be happy with our DarkMod work once complete.


Stay tuned, as I'm sure there will be many more updates in the future!


Until then, may shadows continue to guide your journeys.



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Good Idea, DF. We rarely ever talk up here on the public boards so it wouldn't be surprising if people thought we were sleeping on the job. ;)


Right now all the real work is beginning on the mod, everything else we've shown thus far has been a mockup to garner some attention and test out the engine to see if it'd fit with a Thiefish theme. Updates will more than likely come a bit slower but when they come they'll be alot more showing than what we've posted before.


Right now I'm currently in the process of working on the 3rd texture pack and the accompanying mockup map to show em off. I'm trying to aim for a bit higher quality than what I've done before, so I'm taking my (sweet ass) time making sure they're nice and sexy before I finally let em loose.


The slow release of the SDK could almost be considered a good thing, since it's allowing the programmers to plan a solid foundation for what they're gonna be tackling in the near future.


Needless to say we're going nice and strong, and I expect some really cool stuff once the SDK heads our way.

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