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Seven - Days Long Gone

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Old-school RPG meats Stealth, I am loving this game. It's very tough at first, but once you understand its mechanics, it's really good.


If you want to try it, here is some advice that I really recommend you to read since the game doesn't really force feed its meachanics to you and it can be quite frustrating at first. I put the advice in spoiler tags for those who want to discover the pain for themselves. ^^ However, the advice does not actually contain any spoilers!


Don't try to understand (and steal) everything in the prologue mission. You have plenty of time getting to know the game when it really starts. Also, read the tutorials carefully after the prologue! At first, I'd stick to the main story missions because the side missions are a lot more difficult at first. I learned that the hard way. Another important advice is that all the junk items you can find are only good for disasembling them into their basic components later when crafting is available to you. A little popup on each item shows you which components the item disassembles to. You will mostly only need to take the leather and cloth components with you as most things else can be bought cheaply from vendors.



Have fun! :-)

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