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If any Brutal Doom developers read this topic...

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Great mod, loads of fun. It modernizes Doom, but in a good way. Two things I would like to request.


1. sounds for waterfalls/liquid falls. It is nice that there are sounds for torches now, but it seems a bit strange when near a waterfall and there is no sound. Surely surfaces with flowing textures could be tagged to play a rushing sound.


2. Cyberdemon should be a bit tougher, at least against the BFG. He's supposed to be a bad-ass and instill fear in the player, so it feels kind of too easy to paste him with 2-3 BFG blasts.



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And you post this on the TDM forum? :wacko:


To give you more chance,

Post a message on twitter to Sergeant_Mark_IV, pm him on moddb profile, etc.


Or you change the code yourself and send your changes to him. (like in TDM)
By renaming the fileextension from pk3 to zip, making your changes to the content and change the fileextension name backup from zip to pk3

(brutal dooms content looks self explainable)

I love his modifications to the game.

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