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demagogue gave me an idea

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On another thread, demagogue mentioned making a version of SCP Foundation in The Dark Mod. He said that the Inventors Guild would be trying to lock away magical artifacts and creature. I suppose that in a low-fantasy world like The Dark Mod, that would mean creatures and artifacts who are extremely dangerous who not even mages can understand or control.

So, what I want to ask, is if anyone else has ideas for any "crossovers" where the events of one game seem to repeat in The Dark Mod? I had one for the first Resident Evil movie in one of my first posts here. The idea was that a group of alchemists was actually a front for a necromancer cult that was creating undead and werebeasts. Another idea I thought would be a good crossover would be Amnesia or Penumbra, as those games already had a similar feel to Thief.

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