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Question about other uses of editor.

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Hello, I hope this is the correct section for this, but if I wanted to use this editor for a game other than Doom 3 can I? Basically I wanna use this editor to create maps, export as .OBJ then import in to my game, that way I don't have to make an editor myself, the games will be sold, but I would imagine it's fine to do as bsp is used everywhere just thought I would ask anyway, better safe than sorry, thanks!

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Indeed and we're doing exactly that.  Radiant is still one of the fastest "level-creators" I'm personally aware of, once it's set up correctly.  There are also a lot of other mappers out there who know how to use it and would love to get involved in a new project, so plenty of opportunity for recruitment.  There's just nothing faster than dragging a brush and slapping textures on its faces.

I have a workflow that mostly automates the process of exporting from Radiant(s) and into Blender, which I'd be happy to share privately.  A custom OBJ importer and Python scripts that clean everything up and texture everything.  The one thing anyone needs to be aware of is that you'd be exporting ASE/OBJ from Radiant, not the BSP/PROC files that carve and merge all geometry during compile.  This has a lot of implications for all mappers to understand, especially however you'll end up portalising your worlds, but certainly not a deal-breaker.  There are some fuzzy legal grey-areas about using BSP/PROC formats commercially, but everything else is fine.

If you're going to use an engine that can make heavy use of vertex-buffer LOD stages, then check this out as something that can be automated for LOD sake:-


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