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Fan Mission: Perilous Refuge by Dragofer (2019/09/10)

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Very good FM overall. Simple and elegant mapping, with a bit of intrigue and some nice stuff to find. It's not always often you see a change of scenery in TDM, the pier theme was a nice idea.

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A wonderfull mission, full of great atmosphere and cool details! I had a weird bug though: the guy in the room next to Anna tried to open the door when I sneaked by and he got stuck, so I heard a continuous thumping and thought there was a monster behind it, maybe connected to Anna's curse! Luckily while searching Anna's room he somehow got unstuck, but speaking of Anna's curse, if you update the mission maybe you could remove a hand from the chest so it makes more sense?

I also noticed that you made it so that only the lids of all containers were frobable which makes getting loot out of them much easier. Would it be possible to use a def trick or something to make this work with other missions too? Or is the only way to do that for the mission authors to implement it themselves?

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