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Licensing Ambient Musics & SFX

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I am particularly fan of the ambient musics that you have composed for the game. They are dark, mysterious, stressful. I particularly like gregorian,s s_catacombs, ss_derelic, underground_darkness_loop, basement01_loop, church, but most of them are awesome.

I am actually looking for good ambient musics for my game, and I was hoping that maybe the authors of the respective musics would be interested to sell me the rights to use it in my upcoming dungeon crawler title ? I would be really interested to get in touch with them.

Also, your sound FX are very good. Is there any way to purchase all or some of them? Maybe it is more complicated due to their various origins and licenses.

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In regards to the ambients I dug through the soundsahders and found the authors of each of those files you mentioned:


gregorian - Muze

ss_catacombs - ShadowSneaker

ss_derelic - ShadowSneaker

underground_darkness_loop - Schatten

basement01_loop - Schatten

church - mrDischarged


As for tracking down those authors to purchase royalty rights? I'm unsure. Maybe someone else on the team can help out there, or a google search might point you in the right direction.


Also for the sound effects that's a whole other ball of wax. Each of those are typically sourced on a commercial-free license and come from a large variety of places such as freesound and sometimes ones that individual authors have recorded. We don't have a purchase system setup as money never changes hands here, and tracking down the authors for those would take a long time.


If you had individual sound files you were interested in, you might be able to track down those authors, but you would have to go to each of those. As i'm pretty sure we don't own any of the music/sfx included with the game. 

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