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Possible Dark Radiant bug

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I noticed odd behaviour when trying to change light radii in the entity inspector (image of window). Pressing ALT+A to Apply changes doesn't always work. Applying changes works fine when the button is clicked with the mouse.


- Windows XP

- Dark Radiant 0.9.8pre8

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Sometimes the default GTK keyboard shortcuts don't work, because they are intercepted by DarkRadiant's own keyboard shortcut handling system.


Why do you want to change the radius in the entity inspector anyway? Surely dragging the outline in the 2D window is a much easier way to adjust it?

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To keep the light center in its place (eg over a torch handle) while the radius is adjusted. Is that possible with mouse dragging?

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Another thing: the textures in the camera view get messed up regularly. See pic:





It seems to happen completely randomly. One minute everything is fine, then the next time I try to move around in the camera this weird thing happens. If I quit DR and reload the map everything is fine again, for a while. I've tried to deliberately cause it to happen, but haven't been able to.




- Windows XP SP3

- DR 0.98pre8

- ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, Catalyst 8.10

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Someone please tell me that is yet another ATI problem? I need more confirmation never to buy one of their cards.


For the record I don't recall seeing that. :blink: Those are regular brushes, not patches?

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Yes, that's the exact problem I discovered and explored extensively earlier this year, let me find my notes...


Okay, here are all my notes. If you don't want to read them all, just know that it's the ATI drivers, you will need to revert back all the way to Catalyst 7.11 to fully not have the problem, or 7.12 to have the problem with "temporary cure". Also, I was testing with a dual monitor setup, so you can probably ignore those aspects of my tests.




I've noticed the textures on larger surfaces (same scale texture) wack out more than textures covering only a couple square feet, for example. I have to get very close to the smaller area textures before they start to exhibit the same crazy stretching and flipping behavior.





8.5 The worst problems (can't "fix" it by selecting and deselecting a brush) were with ATI drivers Catalyst 8.5

Previously (in Feb when I first reported wacked graphics) I'm not sure which drivers I was using, maybe 7.12

7.11 whacked has yet to show up, no problems for a few hours of work

(but with 7.11 I can't have dual monitors with the second monitor on the left, crazy)

8.7 works for my dual monitor again, which is good, but bad bug showed up pretty quickly.

7.12 has the old minor bug that I can cure by selecting and de-selecting a brush. It shows up in around 10 minutes,

(about as fast as the newer bad bug does in 8.5 and 8.7) but only if I'm selecting and moving around entities or lights.



7.6 - (didn't test for bug), dual monitor problems

7.11 - no bug (not even lesser bug), but dual monitor problems

(no bug is GREAT, but want to put up with dual monitor issues?)

7.12 - old "lesser" bug (shows up with entities, lights, can be "cured" temporarily), dual monitors okay!

(lesser bug annoying but perhaps livable?)

8.5 - bug, dual monitors okay

8.7 - bug, dual monitors okay




So, I would suggest reverting to Catalyst 7.11 if you don't have a dual monitor setup with the secondary monitor on the left. In case you haven't done much with drivers, here are a few pointers:



- Download the "new" driver package ahead of time so you have it ready. You can find past ATI Catalyst sets for XP 32bit here: http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?id=18

- If you have a laptop, you'll probably need to use Mobility Modder to be able to install different ATI Catalyst drivers. Download and instructions for that are here: http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool.php

- Download the free version of "Driver Cleaner Pro" or other similar program.



- First try the "uninstall all" file ATI includes in most driver sets. You have to manually browse to it, probably within "Program Files/ATI/Support/blah blah blah/UninstallAll" or something like that.

- If that's not available, do a basic uninstall from your "Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs" and uninstall ATI Display Driver, ATI Catalyst Control Center, and possibly ATI Software Uninstall Utility.

- Do a system restart

- Cancel any attempt by Windows to install a video driver.

- IMPORTANT - run Driver Cleaner Pro (there is a free version out there, I think on guru3d.com) or a similar program, to fully wipe out any remaining ATI driver files embedded within various Windows system folders

- Do another system restart (not sure if this one is essential, but it's a good idea)

- Again, cancel any attempt by Windows to install a video driver.

- Run the Catalyst 7.11 driver install file (if you're doing the Mobility Modder instructions...)

........(let files extract, probably to C:\ATI)

........(Cancel further driver install)

........(Run Mobility Modder program, browse to "C:\ATI\SUPPORT\7-11_xp32_blah_blah_blah" and do the modifying)

........(Browse to "C:\ATI\SUPPORT\7-11_xp32_blah_blah_blah\Driver" and run Setup.exe)

- Do the required System restart

- DONE! Enjoy!

shadowdark50.gif keep50.gif

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