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I love the 3d feature of Google Maps. If the city is supported you get a 3d version of the builinds, instead of 2d.
Oct 18 2018 08:02 AM
  • Bienie's Photo
    You should see it in VR! O.O
    Oct 22 2018 04:55 PM
  • Springheel's Photo
    I have the Wander app which allows you to travel around the world in VR using Google street view. Can't get over how much I've enjoyed it.
    Oct 22 2018 06:04 PM
  • freyk's Photo
    For example: open google maps and go to london. click on "satelite" (left down corner) then 3d right downcorner). Zoom in use mouse scroll and pan with ctrl-keyboard button.
    Oct 23 2018 12:39 AM