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As I have been getting a few requests for vocals recently I just wanted to inform everyone that I am no longer doing vocals for any project regardless of whether it's related to thief/tdm. I plan on fulfilling my old agreements but after they're done then that's it from me.
Apr 06 2018 01:17 AM
  • chakkman's Photo
    Good to hear. I mean, that you will still do vocals on your missions. The Shadows of Northdale campaign is very promising.
    Apr 07 2018 08:51 AM
  • Bikerdude's Photo
    In lue of young GW stepping away from VA, and as I have a good mic and some semblence of acting skill (not as good as GW) I am happy to try and step in if my voice is suitable that is.
    Apr 07 2018 04:21 PM
  • grayman's Photo
    Thanks for your contributions. I guess I'm going to need to find the voice of "our friend" in William Steele's remaining missions elsewhere.
    Apr 08 2018 11:59 AM