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Community Status Updates

  • Petike the Taffer's Photo
    Petike the Taffer
    I love the fact that we're in for the 20th anniversary this autumn.

    We (and other sites, e.g. TTLG) should celebrate it at least a bit. :-)
    Mar 28 2018 03:27 PM
  • Judith's Photo
    I fell in love in UnrealEd back in the day, I made my first DM maps for UT with it. Even though it was buggy and I didn't have good enough hardware, the editor felt accessible. That ease of use actually prevented me from delving deeper into DromEd several years later, it was too frustrating in comparison ;)
    Mar 29 2018 12:39 AM
  • Epifire's Photo
    UE4 is probably the only modern engine I'd want to use at this stage. Tim's words on the matter rather cement the argument. As so much of their work is to just make a great tool set, and it really shows.
    Mar 30 2018 01:53 AM