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The Black Arrow

I hate "changes" when they're not needed, like a website visual change. But surprisingly enough, www.thedarkmod.com's new visuals are incredibly good! Well done, very well done.
Jun 17 2018 02:32 AM
  • Bikerdude's Photo
    The media section on the main website is woefully out of date.
    Jun 20 2018 01:33 PM
  • Petike the Taffer's Photo
    Petike the Taffer
    We'll have to update and expand the Media section, I suppose.
    Jun 26 2018 06:45 AM
  • Springheel's Photo
    There are already several new pictures there, and I removed some of the oldest and least evocative ones. I still plan on adding some video links.

    Jun 28 2018 09:50 AM