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Consider buying a new (used) laptop. It has about the same horsepower as mine, but better screen and battery. (and more expensive as well). Makes sense or it's just consumer rabies?
Apr 06 2019 11:28 AM
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    @Duzenko, perhaps create a thread with the the spec of your current laptop and the one your looking at buying. Better screen and battery is a worthy upgrade bit it depends on the price.
    Apr 08 2019 02:09 AM
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    Don't forget to check speakers - I received an insurance "upgrade" when my laptop charging port came too loose - they didn't repair, replace instead - and the sound is terrible. Can't hear a thing without headphones. Screen is better, though AMD burns hot.

    Ultimately - this "upgrade" was a "downgrade" and I wish I had simple soldered the jack instead of thinking a 5 year newer laptop would be better - because it's not.

    It's wh...
    Apr 10 2019 11:32 PM
  • teh_saccade's Photo
    It's why its name is "craptop".
    Apr 10 2019 11:32 PM