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New laptop. So long, Intel. No more head bumping.
May 09 2019 12:18 PM
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    May 11 2019 05:26 PM
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    I can see a lot of powerpoint slides but nothing convincing
    IMHO Intel is moving in the wrong direction. They have Iris 655 but you can only find it in Macbooks. They should have pushed it to major laptop producers so that there was a $600 laptop with it. Then, I want to be able to switch between TDP levels, at least when plugged in. And of course 128MB edram is NOT enough.
    AMD is even worse with their IGPs ATM.
    May 12 2019 01:02 AM
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    Speaking of which, I ran Darkmod on my new laptop with a GTX 1060, and it got 16 fps. Then I realized it was running Intel graphics by default and I had to go into the settings to have the GTX run it. Then the fps instantly shot up to 150. So watch out for that.
    May 13 2019 01:29 AM