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Petike the Taffer

I'm pleased to announce that the remade GUI translation (updated for the current version) I've been working on is completed. Still testing it, but it seems to be as fine as before. I'll be moving on to porting the translation of the two base missions into the game files soon.
Aug 04 2015 10:20 AM
  • Bikerdude's Photo
    Good god.
    Aug 06 2015 07:05 AM
  • SteveL's Photo
    Good going! (and gratz and kudos on completing it)
    Aug 06 2015 01:37 PM
  • Petike the Taffer's Photo
    Petike the Taffer
    Yeah, but I'll only be sending the whole translation for evaluation once I'm 100 % sure I've finished everything from the base game. If that turns out a success, I might move on to translating some of the other missions.
    Aug 08 2015 01:26 AM