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    I bet Arkane would gladly make it, and I read that EM could outsource the dev since they are busy with two new Marvel games but I don't see Square and Bethesda working hands in hands.
    May 13 2017 10:32 AM
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    "It's no coincidence that two out of three Thief studios—Looking Glass and Ion Storm Austin—went under shortly after releasing them, right?" Yeah, but those games are fondly remembered by the entire gaming community, which can't exactly be said about the 4th installment. Thief would never have achieved cult status if Looking Glass/Eidos hadn't taken the risk of not appealing to a casual audience. To a strictly marketing viewpoint, creativity is a liability.
    May 15 2017 12:08 PM
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    And I just found Czech article, where this rumor has been disproved - article is in Czech, but Twitter comment therein in English :) http://www.hrej.cz/novinky/2017/05/16/spekulace-o-novem-thiefovi-byly-vyvraceny-44422/

    Thank goodness, I might add.
    May 16 2017 06:06 AM