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  • Bikerdude's Photo
    I use WFC to block all games(and other applications) I play so they don't get access to the internet.
    Jun 22 2018 02:15 AM
  • kano's Photo
    The trouble is that most (all?) games require admin privs to install and play on Windows, at least if you install the official way. At that point, they can do whatever they like to your system. Security needs a redo on the PC, where programs are prohibited from tampering with each other by compartmentalization in the OS.
    Jun 22 2018 12:28 PM
  • Cambridge Spy's Photo
    Cambridge Spy
    ESO is mentioned as one of the games which had RedShell. I noticed a quick update which isn't mentioned in the patch notes, so it's got to be RedShell removal.
    Jun 23 2018 02:24 AM