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Encoded ~2,100 flac songs to opus in 10 minutes on this 8-core system. :)
Aug 24 2018 09:28 PM
  • kano's Photo
    It could be made to go even faster though. If I could offload the flac decoding onto the graphics card and just use the CPU for the Opus encoding, that would speed things up some more. There is a FLAC encoder/decoder for the GPU floating around...
    Aug 25 2018 09:19 AM
  • jaxa's Photo
    As good as lossless FLAC can be, you probably aren't going to hear a difference between it and 256-320 kbps MP3. So my question is: What was the Opus bitrate?
    Aug 25 2018 04:09 PM
  • kano's Photo
    128k. It is for use on a cell phone, and it sounds great for being only 128k (Opus is amazing).
    Aug 27 2018 10:55 AM