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By the way, I know some people mentioned improving lighting skills, and I finally found an article that actually discusses some of the theory behind lighting that I can comprehend: http://www.blog.radiator.debacle.us/2015/03/lighting-theory-for-3d-games-part-2.html
Aug 19 2017 04:34 PM
  • Judith's Photo
    He kind of repeats all the stuff I got saved in presentations elsewhere (he uses some of them as quotes in his articles), but that's ok.
    Aug 20 2017 06:43 AM
  • Sotha's Photo
    I think he says mostly obvious things... but might be a good read to a person new to mission design.
    Aug 20 2017 12:12 PM
  • jaredmitchell's Photo
    Yeah, demagogue, in part 5 of the article he mentions The Dark Mod because of how it undoes the hard shadow features of idTech4, which is pretty neat.

    And mostly I had issues with other materials being circulated here in regard to lighting because they didn't really explain the function of lighting and its placement.
    Aug 22 2017 05:29 PM