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:( I can't compile SVN sources. :( Again :( I think it might be Microsoft's fault...
Aug 15 2017 08:05 AM
  • cabalistic's Photo
    I found that two files were missing from the Visual Studio solution. Have you ever considered a unified build system like CMake?
    Aug 16 2017 03:02 AM
  • nbohr1more's Photo
    It was discussed. We agreed it was a good way forward but whoever merged the changes would need to document all the setup and compile details so it would be seamless for those who do not fiddle with compile infrastructure. Then it was never implemented. We are in a better position now since we already have Dhewm changes in source.
    Aug 16 2017 07:47 AM
  • nbohr1more's Photo
    THANK YOU to whomever fixed the SVN trunk!
    Aug 16 2017 10:40 PM