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To pick the job with shorter work distance and no need to move to a different city or the better paying one with shorter work hours, that is the question! Tough!
Mar 10 2017 04:31 AM
  • Anderson's Photo
    Yeah and you can focus on yourself and whatnot. Moving and settling in with your belongings is like a second job for at least 3-6 months until you dismantle everything.
    Mar 11 2017 03:57 AM
  • Obsttorte's Photo
    Money is worth what you consider it to be worth. I wouldn't overestimate it's usage. I prefer free time and relaxation over bling bling, but that is a subjective decision.
    Mar 15 2017 05:50 PM
  • STiFU's Photo
    I am exactly the same. I have already chosen the nearby job and I am so happy with that decision. My girlfriend and I will move in together into a new flat very close to work. So that's awesome. :)
    Mar 16 2017 11:32 AM