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Now when I'm done with the Marsh FM, going back to "almost" finished submarine mission, then to "almost" (but a bit less) finished Abandoned Kingdom TDM version...
Apr 05 2019 06:15 PM
  • Dragofer's Photo
    How about a campaign leading from the sub to the ancient kingdom? Simply ideas.
    Apr 11 2019 04:23 PM
  • ERH+'s Photo
    Abandoned kingdom is a bit misleading name, as it refers to something very different from an ancient ruins. It would be a major spoiler to tell what it's all about, but it takes place in the middle of the living city.
    Apr 11 2019 05:02 PM
  • ERH+'s Photo
    But what the main character is carying at the end of the Seeds of the Lodestar could lead to the kingdom events.
    Apr 11 2019 05:07 PM