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So, what are you working on right now?

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#7351 Epifire



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Posted 21 April 2017 - 08:06 PM

Ah cool, I might have a go at doing that then. Will start of simple like removing text and changing colors.


Wonna drop me a PM sop I can create these for you, so you can include them in the final release.


Once these release it's truly out of my hands at that point as to what people want to do with them, or if they want to kitbash/modifiy them with other existing assets. As for making additional skins, it would be difficult (but still possible) without using Substance Painter. Though I don't recommend it as most the control comes into play with smart masks and real time preview adjustments. I don't give out source assets (highpolys and working files) as a matter of principal, simply to maintain and supply legal grounds as the valid owner (should the need ever arise for it). It's a standard I uphold across all mods I've worked on but to that end I only share the final release versions for that reason.

Once these files (among probably a hundred other bits of models) make their debut in a collaboration FM, I'll be seeing to a public release for community use.

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Needing dem environment models?

Speak to the EPI!

Or rummage my online mesh repository instead...  https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7q1r8him1y63d/TDM%20Repository

#7352 Judith



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Posted Yesterday, 05:01 AM

Looks good, you might want to put it on Sketchfab to show off the materials a bit more :)

#7353 teh_saccade



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Posted Yesterday, 10:38 AM

Epifire - that safe looks fkn awesome (idk if I'd open it onto a prize bust tho) and the distress on the metal is mint.

However, the hinges and handle look pristine or plastic compared to the rest of the metalwork.

There is a visual disparity between the mechanical parts that would experience wear (hand-wear on wheel and oil/movement wear on hinge) and the static parts that would remain polished and in good order (that are the most distressed).

Only my eye - pinch of salt, mate.

But... wow... Really nice.


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