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Posted 24 March 2014 - 08:17 PM


The rules here are generally few and limited to what is necessary to keep the forum an enjoyable place for pleasant discussion.

Members of the TDM forum are expected to act like grownups and if they repeatedly demonstrate that they can't they will be asked to leave. This means:

1. Do not engage in name-calling or other personal attacks.

Attacking ideas, even vigorously, is fine. But don't attack the person.

"You're stupid." -- personal attack

"Take your stupid comments and go away." -- near enough to being a personal attack

"That's a stupid comment" -- snarky, but not a personal attack

"I think you're completely wrong and here's why" -- preferable reaction

The flip side of this is that if someone attacks your opinion, don't react as if they've attacked you personally. If you share your opinions publicly you are consenting to have them challenged.

2. Don't harass other members.

This generally refers to continually posting messages that boil down to nothing but "I don't like you" when talking to a specific forum member. This gets boring quickly, even if you're managing to do it without breaking rule #1.

3. Life's not fair.

Neither is this forum. Not every infraction is going to be dealt with equally. Members who are generally positive and helpful build up social credit that makes it easy to forgive the occasional slip. People who are continually negative and offer nothing to the community will get far less leeway.
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