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Cyberpunk mod: Plans & Contribution feedback

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Poll: Contribution feedback (13 member(s) have cast votes)

How interested are you in the project, and would you be willing to contribute? Please read at least the paragraphs in red before voting!

  1. I'm interested and willing to contribute, both by creating new content and porting existing assets. (2 votes [15.38%])

    Percentage of vote: 15.38%

  2. I'm interested and willing to contribute, but only by porting existing assets. (1 votes [7.69%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.69%

  3. I am interested but not willing to contribute. (6 votes [46.15%])

    Percentage of vote: 46.15%

  4. Not interested. (4 votes [30.77%])

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#26 MirceaKitsune


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Posted 10 February 2017 - 01:28 PM

I thought more about how I should proceed with certain aspects. First of all the licensing: Although I still plan to keep the mod NC-free, I am aware that at least for a while I'll rely on some of the existing TDM assets (especially defs and character animations). So my policy for now will be "include no NC stuff but link to some NC stuff from vanilla TDM for functionality" (mainly definition inheritance). I'll likely document all dependencies on builtin definitions in a text file, so that I know what could be rewritten at a later stage.


Unfortunately this means that this might have to become a secondary project for me, which I won't be able to give full attention to: My hope was to avoid any connection to NC assets, both because it's how I want the mod to be but also because I hoped to make this a Patreon project (to some extent). I know some might want to grab their pitchforks and torches at me merely considering that, even with the non-commercial assets being excluded from the equation... hopefully it's understood that what I want to achieve is going to take years of dedication, and with Patreon being the only thing keeping me off the streets this would have been extremely helpful. Unless I make a full break from the NC assets and rely only on the GPL code however, I'll have to treat this as a free project in the meantime and only make limited informative mentions of it... meaning progress will be slower, though I'm never the less determined to make it come true.


Back to the above announced models: I've decided that, in case I am able to code new weapons using my own scripts, I'll also try porting some of the guns from Xonotic in addition to the player models. They will however have different functionalities and purposes if I do. Also I think I'm going to keep the original names and lore behind everything I take from Xonotic; For instance, the Erebus model will likely still be called Erebus! That way I can also bring the world of Xonotic into TDM rather than just the assets, which I think will be an unique and interesting crossover :)


I've also devised a repository structure: Each component of the mod will be included in its own sub-directory. There will be a shell script that automatically generates and updates every pk4, converting changes in GIT to playable content easily. As of yet the repository has not been created, and this will happen once the player models are ready so that there's something to include.


Lastly, as far as names go, I'm still going with the name Dark Machina for the mod, which is both theme correct and similar sounding to Dark Mod. If no one has a better idea I'll likely use it.


Do you mean these AI will be able to use our skeletons, so basically you could spawn a guard and substitute these models, and they'd follow the guard animations properly? That would be excellent.

Actually I gather we'd make new def files for them as a new AI type. We'll need to eventually anyway since we'll probably want some different animations and behaviors.


I'm in the process of re-rigging them to the Doom 3 animation skeleton, like I did with my anthro models. Right now I just need to finish correcting the weights so that the limbs bend properly, set up the face rig for a few of the models (most have masks which saves me from that work) and we should be good!


For starters at least, they will be defined similarly to the default guards. The def files will be created and license by me, but they will rely on class inheritance from original TDM defs to work.

#27 V-Man339


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Posted 13 February 2017 - 03:42 AM

Keep me up to date on the testing and voice work demands for this, I'd like to help in both of those areas.

May not be helpful otherwise, but I'd like to aid where I can.

I like to record difficult stealth games, and right now you wonderful people are the only ones delivering on that front.
Click here for the crappy channel where that happens.

#28 MirceaKitsune


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Posted 13 February 2017 - 08:15 AM

Keep me up to date on the testing and voice work demands for this, I'd like to help in both of those areas.

May not be helpful otherwise, but I'd like to aid where I can.


Thank you very much, that is highly appreciated! I'll keep in mind, and likely post about new demands in this thread once they pop up.


The current priority remains finishing the port of the Xonotic characters. This has proven an ordeal because of weight painting, and Blender's automatic weights needing a lot of fixing for the Doom 3 armature. The fingers go all over the place in some of the animations, and I have to use parts of their original rigs to define the weight groups properly. I'm hoping that today this will finally be done.


After that my next priority is porting some of the scifi texture packs, enough to make a simple map out of. Static models for props might come afterward, not sure. The next priority then is finding out how to define weapons alike to those in Doom 3 (weapon and ammo as separate items, reloading, ammo display on a weapon screen, etc)... I'd also like a blend example of how you must define and animate a 1st person hand with a gun.

#29 freyk



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Posted 18 February 2017 - 04:41 PM

V-Man339, you're in luck.
Mirceakitsune and my project going to merge.
So if you want to "test" something, take a look at this post.
(there is nothing to test, because i know the bugs. But your user opinions are always nice)

Edited by freyk, 18 February 2017 - 04:43 PM.

#30 MirceaKitsune


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Posted 18 February 2017 - 09:21 PM

Right now I'm working on various things, and have taken a short break from those Xonotic models. I managed to get the body rig in its final form, which deforms acceptably for now (fingers and some special parts still look broken). Just need to finish the face rig, create the shadow meshes, write up the defs... then maybe someone can put them on a map and give them a go, once I create the repository.

#31 MirceaKitsune


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Posted 07 May 2017 - 04:23 PM

First of all, my apologies for how long this has taken: I have been busy with a few other projects and mods, and just now got around to this project once again.


I return with great news: All of the Xonotic characters have been fully ported to The Dark Mod as of today, meaning the first major step has now been taken! The models have been fully rigged (including face rigging where applicable), contain fully working materials (diffuse / specular / normal maps + customizable shirt / glow colors + masked cubemap reflections), and base character definitions. I decided to call the set Troopers, which is divided between 3 categories: Cyborgs (Megaerebus, Erebus, Nyx, Terminus, Termina), Humans (Ignis, Seraphina, Pyria, Umbra), Aliens (Gak, Draconi, Draconia).


I ultimately chose to name the mod The Dark Module, as I found this a name that accurately describes it while also sounding futuristic and integrating nicely with The Dark Mod. It is available on Gitlab... not Github as they have smaller repository limits, and the final mod is expected to hit several gigabytes in size (already it has 421 MB). The repository will contain each component in a subdirectory ending in pk4dir, following the same naming scheme as vanilla TDM pk4's (using the tdmu prefix). To get the components working, each pk4dir directory has to be converted into a pk4 zip archive and moved into the base TDM directory... I plan to create a Linux shell script to automate this process later, until then it must be done manually. The test map I'm using is also not included, you'll have to make your own map until I decide to create an official FM showcasing the mod later on.


Dark Module repository


Here are a few screenshots displaying the characters in their final forms. Note that the white shirt / pants color can be customized via the _color spawnarg on the entity.
















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#32 MirceaKitsune


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Posted 11 May 2017 - 09:10 AM

I've began porting the ex and ex2 texture packages from Xonotic, more are to hopefully follow soon. Here are some screenshots of a few on my local test map:









Additionally, I've included the shell script that packs each pk4dir into a pk4. If you use Linux or have bash support on Windows (msys2 or Windows 10), simply execute it to convert the data in the Git repository into pk4 zip archives which TheDarkMod and DarkRadiant can read. Since the script is really tiny, here's a readable copy of it:

# packs each pk4dir directory into a pk4 archive

for dir in *.pk4dir; do
	cd "${dir}"

	dir_noext=$(basename "${dir}" ".pk4dir")
	zip -r -u "../../${dir_noext}.pk4" *

	cd ".."

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