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2 Bugs and a game crash(I guess)

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 06:27 AM

I am new to this forum, and I just picked up the game the other day. I guess you can say I'm 20 years late to the Thief party.


I'm not sure where this thread belongs. If this belongs somewhere else, please tell me, as I have no idea what I'm doing.


Anyway, I found a few bugs that really aren't that important, but I guess they are bugs nonetheless.


1. If I am in complete darkness and a guard walks by, he will look at me. He continues walking as if he didn't notice me. At the end of the mission, it does not count as a suspicion. However, it is extremely disconcerting when I am lock picking a door in complete darkness, only to turn around with a guard staring at me menacingly when he really didn't notice me. This isn't just a random look to the right either. His head whipped around towards me! I followed him and he doesn't really whip his head around at things randomly(That would be one paranoid guard!). It was definitely a bug. Not very important, but please fix it. The next time you are in complete darkness and a guard walks by close to you, you may notice his face looking directly at you.

2. This is in the Training Mission sword arena. If you deal enough damage to any of the three opponents you are faced against, they will stop fighting and simply stand still. If you walk towards them, they will swing their swords at you, but their feet will remain rooted to the ground! This allows you to explore the arena. If you picked up the free rope arrows they give you, you can shoot them on the wooden beams and climb up! However, if you get too far away, your opponent/s might begin to throw stones at you. If you picked up the broad head arrows from the Archery section, you can shoot them at your opponents as they sit there helpless. If you picked up some Health potions in the other sections, you can make fun of your opponents by healing in their faces!

I think the problem is that the AI we have was not meant to be in an arena. As you all know, if you deal enough damage to a guard they will flee and call for help. Since there is no space in the arena to run, and no help to be found, they are dumbfounded. Since I have seen some Fan Missions in the older Thief games that place the player in an arena, there could be a new type of human guard that never flees(Specially made for The Dark Mod!). This would open the Arena type of Fan Mission to The Dark Mod. Since this game has such a lovely swordplay system, why not put it to good use and make special AI meant for sword fighting? I understand the game's focus is on stealth, but sometimes it's fun to see how many enemies you can defeat in a row.

Note: I just found out about and started playing The Dark Mod the other day, so I don't know if this is already possible in DarkRadiant. If it is, it might be smart to update the Training Mission. It seems to make what should be intense 1 V 3 training battles turn into 1 guy fighting 3 scaredy cats that ditch their friends after they get hurt too much to their liking.

3. If you keep dying enough times in the Training Mission sword arena, the game will eventually crash. I found this out because I stink at sword fighting.

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#2 NeonsStyle


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Posted 24 August 2017 - 02:22 PM

Hey NeonGadget,


Welcome to the forum and to Dark Mod. 


I don't really think these things are bugs. Let's take them one at a time.


1. The AI looking at you even though you are in the dark and he can't see you. This isn't a bug, but a feature

to un-nerve you, and make you question if you've been seen or heard. It's one of the ways the game puts

fear into the player. 


2. In the Training mission, I'm not really sure on this one, but my guess is since it's a training mission,

I don't think we would make AI chase you on your first experience of them. It might put some people

off. So you can stop them chasing you by just not giving them anywhere to go. AI need to be given

a place to go before they can go anywhere. So if you just don't do it, he will just stand there. 


You are right, the game does crash if you die 3 times in the arena. That is a bug in the mission.

There is also a spot in the arena where they will stop moving.


3. Your idea for an Arena. There is nothing stopping anyone from making a mission that is

purely a combat arena. No one has done it before, so maybe you could do it. In the link

below, video series by Springheel, which is a Mappers Workshop, showing you how to

make a mission from the very first stages of Planning it out, to Publishing it.  Click

the link below and maybe you can do it. It's an interesting idea, and I for one

would play it. :)


Here is a link to the discussion on the New Mappers Workshop where you can ask questions and get help, 





and here is the Channel where you can learn how to do it. At the bottom of the page. :)




Here's something to inspire you. :) Google images has lots more, if you search for Combat Arena





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#3 Springheel


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Posted 24 August 2017 - 03:19 PM

1. The AI looking at you even though you are in the dark and he can't see you. This isn't a bug, but a feature

to un-nerve you, and make you question if you've been seen or heard. It's one of the ways the game puts

fear into the player. 




Well no, the game doesn't do that.  It's possible a mapper specifically told an AI to look at that place while patrolling, but the only other way an AI would intentionally look at the player is because they heard or saw something suspicious. 


There is a bug in the arena.  The AI are not supposed to stop moving, but they do, and since it isn't a major problem no one has looked into it yet.

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Posted 28 August 2017 - 04:13 PM

Thank you for the information guys! I'm new here, so I didn't really know what was going on. I am going through Springheel's New Mapper's Workshop, and I think I might make a combat arena! It is a big dream, but if I took some time, I could probably do it.


Thank you!

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