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Issues with internal downloader - TDM 2.07

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Posted 05 September 2018 - 03:09 PM

Edit: of course I mean TDM 2.06. Sorry for messing up the thread title.



Some code change in TDM 2.06 seems to have caused a few hickups in the internal downloader.

Ever since I upgraded to TDM 2.06, the internal downloader no longer automatically removes the missions I just downloaded.

And if you download multiple missions/updates, then some missions will even be displayed multiple times on the list of availlable updates.

It looks like the list on the screen doesn't get cleared properly: if you downloaded 3 out of 5 entries then the 2 remaining entries will move to the top,

but 3 more 'dead' entries are dislayed. With 'dead' I mean : clickiing on those will not show up any mission details at the bottom.


Another issue:

I just noticed that a new mission got released: 'The Warrens'.

In the past new missions were indicated by just their name.

But this one shows up like 'The Warrens #' instead of 'The Warrens'.

I myself had added the # (in TDM 2.04 ??) as a notion of a translation being available, which isn't found on the local system.

So, now people might think that only a translation became available, not realizing that this is a new mission altogether.

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